15 warmest places in Europe in March in 2024

Corfu in Greece

If you’re looking for the warmest places in Europe in March, here’s our full list!  In March, all of Europe starts heating up – but some places warm quicker (and reach higher temperatures) than others! If you’re looking for a warm weather destination in Europe toward the end of winter/ start of Spring, fly south. […]

Does it snow in Glasgow, Scotland? Winter weather guide

Snow in Glasgow's a rarity!

Does it snow in Glasgow – and what can you expect from winter weather here? While Glasgow is located quite far north, it doesn’t snow as much here as you may think, largely thanks to its maritime location. But it can snow here, and usually does a few days a year. We’re talking all things […]

Does it snow in Budapest, Hungary? (2023 guide)

Chain Bridge and Royal Palace in Budapest at winter day Hungary

Does it snow in Budapest? We’re answering all your questions in this blog post! One of Europe’s top cities (whatever the season), there’s so much to enjoy in beautiful Budapest. If you’re visiting in the winter months, you might be wondering about Budapest snow. It does snow in Budapest, but climate change has ensured you’ll […]

Does it snow in Dublin, Ireland? Winter weather guide

DUBLIN.IRELAND - February 28 , 2018: Ha’penny bridge over the Liffey river covered with snow as a result of a snow storm in Ireland.

Does it snow in Dublin? What can you expect when visiting this capital in the winter? It can snow in Dublin, but it’s very rare. Usually you can expect to see drizzle and clouds if you’re visiting Dublin in the winter – but no rain. In fact, it’s a lot milder than most continental locations. […]

Does it snow in Rome, Italy? Winter weather guide!

Rome, Italy - February 26, 2018: An exceptional weather event causes a cold and cold air across Europe, including Italy. Snow comes in the capital, covering streets and monuments of a white white coat. In the picture, Piazza del Colosseo comes alive with hundreds of people who went out to celebrate the event.

Does it snow in Rome? We’re answering all winter weather questions in this article! The capital of Italy seldom sees snow, but it’s not non-existent. That said, the chances of witnessing snow on a winter trip to Rome are incredibly slim. The last substantial snowfall was in 2018 and before that, 2012. Let’s take a […]

15 things to do in the UK in December (2023 guide)

Explosive fireworks display fills the sky around Big Ben. New Year's Eve celebration background

Thinking about a trip to the UK in December? As winter sets in, the air grows crisp and landscapes turn frosty. But don’t let the cold deter you; December’s one of the best times to visit Britain! I’ve travelled all over the world, but I always come back home in December, because there’s nowhere that […]

When does it snow in Sweden? Winter weather guide

Evening winter scenery of street in Old Town (Gamla Stan) in Stockholm, Sweden

If you’re planning a winter trip to Scandanavia, you might be wondering “does it snow in Sweden”?  The answer is it does, but it largely depends on where you’re going and when.  All of Sweden can see snow in the winter period, but it’s much more likely in the north and mountains than on the […]

Does it snow in Finland? Winter weather guide!

Helsinki cityscape with Helsinki Cathedral in winter, Finland

Are you planning a winter trip to Europe and wondering “when does it snow in Finland?”. In certain parts of the country, you can expect icy weather from November (or even earlier!). It usually snows throughout the country in December, January and February, although the amount and consistency varies depending on where you are. Generally, […]

Does it snow in Denmark? Winter weather guide

in the morning sun in winter in denmark, a field with trees

When does it snow in Denmark? Is it possible to go skiing near Copenhagen? We’re answering all of these questions in this article! The home of hygge, it’s no surprise that it gets cold in Denmark in the winter. It certainly can snow in Denmark throughout the winter months, but it’s actually rarer in some […]

Does it snow in Portugal? Winter weather guide for 2023/ 4

COVILHA, PORTUGAL - MARCH 1, 2013: Vodafone Ski Resort at Serra da Estrelal. Serra da Estrela is the highest mountain range in Portugal Continental.

Does it snow in Portugal? Yes, but only in limited places! Portuguese snow is usually isolated to the mountainous areas, with cities like Lisbon and Porto only seeing freezing weather on very minimal locations. Portugal’s a narrow country, and many towns and cities are dotted along the coastline, which substantially warms the country. But there […]