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Does it snow in Cyprus? Winter weather 2023/4 guide

Snow in Cyprus dusted in the mountains

Situated in the midst of the Mediterranean Sea, you’d be forgiven for thinking the weather forecast is always mild and sunny in Cyprus.  In fact, while daily temperatures remain mild on the coast, Cyprus has a large mountain range – the Troodos Mountains – where you can not just find snow, but ski resorts! Here’s […]

15 warmest places in Europe in March in 2024

Corfu in Greece

If you’re looking for the warmest places in Europe in March, here’s our full list!  In March, all of Europe starts heating up – but some places warm quicker (and reach higher temperatures) than others! If you’re looking for a warm weather destination in Europe toward the end of winter/ start of Spring, fly south. […]

Does it snow in Rome, Italy? Winter weather guide!

Rome, Italy - February 26, 2018: An exceptional weather event causes a cold and cold air across Europe, including Italy. Snow comes in the capital, covering streets and monuments of a white white coat. In the picture, Piazza del Colosseo comes alive with hundreds of people who went out to celebrate the event.

Does it snow in Rome? We’re answering all winter weather questions in this article! The capital of Italy seldom sees snow, but it’s not non-existent. That said, the chances of witnessing snow on a winter trip to Rome are incredibly slim. The last substantial snowfall was in 2018 and before that, 2012. Let’s take a […]

Does it snow in Portugal? Winter weather guide for 2023/ 4

COVILHA, PORTUGAL - MARCH 1, 2013: Vodafone Ski Resort at Serra da Estrelal. Serra da Estrela is the highest mountain range in Portugal Continental.

Does it snow in Portugal? Yes, but only in limited places! Portuguese snow is usually isolated to the mountainous areas, with cities like Lisbon and Porto only seeing freezing weather on very minimal locations. Portugal’s a narrow country, and many towns and cities are dotted along the coastline, which substantially warms the country. But there […]

Does it snow in Greece? Full Greek winter weather guide!

Lycabettus hill during winter blizzard in february 2008

Does it snow in Greece? Can you go skiing in Greece? We’ll go into all things Greece and snow in this article!  The average high temperature in Athens in January may be a mild 13°C, but that doesn’t mean that Greece is bereft of snow in the winter months!  In fact, it snows regularly in […]

15 warmest places in Europe in February in 2024

Sunny view of Angra do Heroismo from Alto da Memoria, Azores, Portugal

Are you looking for the warmest places in Europe in February?  February: it’s a bit of a non-eventful month for many, but there are plenty of European escapes where you can enjoy a slice of sunshine!  February in Europe is usually synonymous with skiing down Mont Blanc or the Northern Lights; but if you prefer […]

Malta in December: 7 reasons to visit & things to do in 2023

View of Valletta from Upper Barraka Gardens.

Malta in December: it’s the perfect warm festive destination! A gorgeous island sitting just to the south of Italy, Malta basks in a mild Mediterranean climate. With bright blue sea, golden sandy beaches, extensive history and a unique fusion of cultures, this island’s perfect for a festive break! I love the island of Malta – […]

15 warmest places in Europe in January (2024 guide)

Amalfi Coast in Italy

What are the warmest places in Europe in January?  As the festive season departs and the new year sets in, people around Northern Europe find themselves wondering if there’s somewhere they can go to escape the winter blues.  Largely, people ask if there are any warm destinations in Europe in January which offer beautiful beaches […]

Tenerife in December: reasons to visit & guide for 2023

Are you thinking about visiting Tenerife in December? Read on, as I explain why that’s a great idea! Tenerife is a stunning island in the Canary Islands archipelago of Spain, situated just off the west coast of Africa.  What does this mean?  Much milder winters than elsewhere in Europe! I’ve visited this island a few […]