The Balkans is a small European region with an interesting – at times very sombre – history, beautiful landscape, and a wealth of activities. Bask on the beach in Croatia, explore the mountains of Serbia, traverse the national parks and learn about culture in the capital cities. Although the Balkans is a small region, it has a diversity of temperatures in the winter, with sunshine in the southern coastline and skiing opportunities in the mountains. 


For wholesome food and world-class ski resorts, head to Serbia in the winter. This landlocked country is small, but has a vast array of attractions. 

Enjoy the nature, the hospitible towns and, of course, its capital Belgrade. Busy bars and restaurants stay open year-round, and they’re particularly fun at Christmastime! 


For coastal allure and a winter with a twist, Croatia beckons. Sitting by the Adriatic, this gem offers diverse attractions despite its size.

Explore towns like Dubrovnik and Split, where history graces every stone. Zagreb, the capital, brims with cultural gems, with festive markets sprinkling joy during the holiday season.

Beautiful romantic old town of Dubrovnik during sunset.