7 reasons to visit Granada in March

Alhambra after sunset, Granada, Spain

Are you looking for an easy, accessible off-season destination that will allow you to experience some of the most famous monuments of Southern Spain? In that case, Granada in March is the perfect choice for your next trip! This crown jewel of Southern Spain is an absolute tourist hotspot in the summer, attracting millions of […]

9 best things to do in Menorca in winter (2023 guide)

MENORCA, SPAIN. 3 SEPTEMBER 2020. Panoramic view of Cala Macarelleta with people on their boats enjoying a day of vacation.

Are you interested in visiting Menorca in winter? Find out why, what to do and what it’s like in this comprehensive blog post written by Liza, a Spain expert! The Balearic Islands are incredibly popular as a summer destination – but have you ever considered coming in winter? Out of the summer season, the Spanish […]

8 impressive reasons to visit Rome in January!

Outside the colosseum

Pretty much every traveller has Rome, the Eternal City, on their European travel bucket lists. But what if you can only visit in winter? Is Rome in January still worth it? Absolutely! There are so many reasons to visit Rome in January. From fewer crowds and cheaper prices to the heartwarming magic of Italian food, […]

How to plan a winter trip to Norway: transport, activities & packing

Boats on a fjord in Norway

If snowshoeing up mountains, boating around frozen fjords, taking respite in roasting saunas and cosying up in cafes or watching the world go by as candles twinkle around you sounds appealing, you should consider a winter trip to Norway.  The country excels at all times of the year, with the warmer, brighter conditions in summer […]

Fretheim Hotel Review (place to stay in Flåm, Norway)

If you’re looking for somewhere to stay in Flåm, I can highly recommend Fretheim Hotel. Here’s my full Fretheim Hotel review! “The story of Flåm really all started with English lords” our host, Anne Hirth, told us as I sipped on an Aperol spritz in Fretheim Hotel’s Bar. “At least, this is where we can […]

Fjaerland Fjordstove Hotel Review: views of Norway’s fjords

Looking out over fjords

If you’re visiting Norway’s fjord country, check out this Fjaerland Fjordstove Hotel review. Our minibus carefully navigated hairpin bends as our expert driver, Adrienne, gripped the wheel tightly. The headlights illuminated the snowy and icy roads before us, which were surrounded on either side by evergreen trees that were tinted with frost. After driving through […]

6 best Tromsø Sami tours & exploring Sami culture in Norway

Tromsø Sami tours are valuable excursions that’ll educate you about Northern Norway’s indigenous population. I experienced a few of them on my winter trip to Norway, learning about the native Sami people as I went. The Arctic wind howled as the blizzard of snow whipped around us. My toes felt like icicles as I gingerly […]

How to go snowshoeing in Flåm: Norway’s best winter activity

View of the snowy Norway fjords

On a winter trip to Flåm in Norway, we spent a morning hiking up deep snow in the nearby mountains. Here’s my full account of snowshoeing in Flåm, Norway. “I’ve never snowshoed before” I declared, as we climbed out of the van on the edge of one of the mountains near Flåm. “Shall I just […]

Thon Hotel Tromsø Review: modern hotel in Norway!

Discover one of the best places to stay in Tromsø with this Thon Hotel Tromsø review! If you’re looking for somewhere convenient and comfortable to stay in Tromsø city centre, I can highly recommend Thon Hotel Tromsø.  In prime location to enjoy Tromsø’s highlights – the furthest is the Arctic Cathedral, which is a mere […]