15 warmest places in December in Europe (2024 guide)

Aerial view with Puerto de la Cruz, in background Teide volcano, Tenerife island, Spain

Are you searching for the warmest places in December in Europe? Who said winter holidays always had to be about woolly mittens and numb toes? Brush off the winter chill, slip on your sunnies and swap snow boots for flip-flops; I’ve put together a list of Europe’s warmest destinations in December. These sun-drenched corners are […]

Warmest places in November in Europe (2024 guide)

View from the bird's eye of the Kas city, district of Antalya Province of Turkey, Asia. Colorful spring panorama of small Mediterranean yachting and tourist town.

Are you looking for the warmest places in November in Europe? While the weather’s a little chillier than the summer season, November’s an excellent month to spend in Southern Europe.  Temperatures remain mild, but it’s far out of the peak season for most parts, which means sparse crowds at popular attractions.  Whether you want to […]

9 reasons to visit Iceland in February

Are you planning to visit Iceland in February? Here’s everything you need to know! Take a February trip to Iceland and enjoy the Northern Lights, snowy landscapes and fantastic Nordic culture. It’s an off-peak time to visit, but I think that February is a fantastic time to visit Iceland. I recently went to Iceland for […]

13 top things to do in Tbilisi in winter

Is Tbilisi in winter worth it?  Georgia’s becoming increasingly popular – but should you take a winter trip to Tbilisi?  If you’re wondering if the capital’s worth visiting in the cooler months, read on!  I’ve visited Tbilisi twice, once in summer and once in winter, and these are all my thoughts.  What’s Tbilisi like in […]

9 top things to do in Batumi in winter

Have you ever thought about visiting Batumi in winter? One of Georgia’s largest cities and the capital of the Black Sea Adjara region, Batumi’s well-known as a tourist hub in the summer months thanks to its warm weather and proximity to the beach.  But what about in the winter? Well, the temperatures may dip, but […]

10 places to visit in Georgia in winter (& travel tips)

Have you ever thought about visiting Georgia in winter?  Ski slopes without a soul on them. Wine bars and restaurants across the country throwing open their doors, welcoming travellers with their hearty cuisine. A hibernating Black Sea coastline brimming with the promise of Spring. The first rays of sunlight reach the hills around Tbilisi, not […]

Skiing in Mestia, Georgia: everything you need to know

Two skiers making their way down a snowy slope surrounded by dense pine forests on a cloudy day in Mestia, Georgia.

Fancy going skiing in Mestia in Georgia’s Svaneti region?  One of the most isolated regions of Georgia (and all of Europe), Svaneti is a truly unique place to ski.  Fir trees line the brilliant white slopes, and guaranteed snow means that conditions are ripe from around mid-December to late March.  I recently visited Mestia as […]

Visiting Georgia’s Mestia in winter: things to do & tips

A snow-covered landscape at sunset with a traditional Svan tower and the sun peeking out from behind, casting a warm glow over Mestia, Georgia.

Interested in visiting Mestia in winter? Here’s everything you need to know about the largest town in Georgia’s Svaneti region! The Svan towers, constructed due to village feuds back in the medieval era, stand tall against the milky-coloured mountainous backdrop.  On the streets, a distinct tongue is spoken. It’s not Georgian and certainly not Russian, […]

15 top things to do in the UK in February (2024 guide)

Are you off to the UK in February?  While this winter month is far out of the peak season to explore the UK, there’s plenty going on! You’ll find end-of-winter festivals, Valentine’s Day events and Shrove Tuesday activities.  There’s also the chance to enjoy cooler weather – especially in the Scottish Highlands – and there’s […]