Alexandre Nevsky Cathedral in Sofia, Bulgaria winter with snow

eastern Europe

Eastern Europe in winter is home to lots of postcard-perfect snowy scenes, world-class (and affordable) skiing, charismatic towns and cities with few tourists, beautiful countryside, fascinating museums, spa culture and hearty cuisine. It might be a bit chilly in some parts, but many areas of Eastern Europe fully relish in the cooler months, and it’s a time when you can really experience local culture. Here are all the guides that you’ll need for travelling in Eastern Europe in winter!


Bucharest view of Parliament building

From the buzzing city of Bucharest to the snowy slopes of Transylvania, there’s so much to enjoy in Romania during winter. This is a welcoming country any time of year, but especially during winter months, tourists will feel like a local as they explore the length and breadth of the country. Whether you’re interested in skiing, urban culture, history or nature, you’ll find it all in Romania during winter!


With elite ski resorts like Bansko, Bulgaria can be a popular place in the winter months – but you don’t need to go too far to leave the tourist trail. Head to Sofia for a slice of wintery culture, enjoy traditional spas all over the country, or even visit the Black Sea for a brisk seaside break!

Alexandre Nevsky Cathedral in Sofia, Bulgaria winter with snow