Does it snow in Cyprus? Winter weather 2024/5 guide

Snow in Cyprus dusted in the mountains

Situated in the midst of the Mediterranean Sea, you’d be forgiven for thinking the weather forecast is always mild and sunny in Cyprus. 

In fact, while daily temperatures remain mild on the coast, Cyprus has a large mountain range – the Troodos Mountains – where you can not just find snow, but ski resorts!

Here’s all you need to know about snow in Cyprus, where and when you can expect snow!

Does it snow in Cyprus?

Yes, it does snow in Cyprus, but in very limited places!

Most of the island has a Mediterranean climate, characterized by hot, dry summers and cool, wet winters.

This diverse climate is influenced by its geography; its terrain sprawls over coastal plains and mountain ranges.

In the heart of Cyprus, the Troodos Mountains rise prominently. This contrasts with the chance of snow in places like Malta, which doesn’t have mountain ranges.

These mountains play a crucial role in the island’s winter weather patterns.

While coastal winters are mild with rainfall rather than snow, the higher elevations of the Troodos Mountains look totally different. Here, temperatures drop significantly during the winter months which usually leads to snow! 

Cyprus is often known as a winter sun destination, so it’s surprising to many to know just how much snow this island can get! In fact, in the mountains, there are even ski resorts. 

When Does It Snow in Cyprus?

Village of Kakopetria at Troodos mountains in Cyprus

In Cyprus, the snow season is relatively brief and primarily confined to the higher elevations, particularly the Troodos Mountains.

The snow season in these elevated regions typically begins in late December and can extend through to March, with the peak of snowfall usually occurring in January and February.

Does it Snow in Cyprus in November?

November in Cyprus marks the transition from the warm autumn to the cooler winter season.

Snow during this month is extremely rare and unusual, even in the mountains.

The weather remains predominantly mild, especially in the lower elevations and coastal areas.

Does it Snow in Cyprus in December?

December sees the beginning of cooler temperatures, particularly in the mountainous regions.

Snow’s possible in the higher altitudes of the Troodos Mountains towards the end of the month.

Does it Snow in Cyprus in January?

January is often the coldest month in Cyprus and the most likely time for snow, especially in the mountains.

During this month, the Troodos Mountains often experience significant snowfall, creating ideal conditions for winter sports.

Does it Snow in Cyprus in February?

Snow in the mountains continues in February, with cold temperatures and a high likelihood of snow in the higher regions.

This month generally sees consistent snow cover in the mountains, attracting visitors for skiing and snowboarding.

Does it Snow in Cyprus in March?

As spring approaches, the likelihood of snowfall begins to decrease.

However, you might still experience some snow in early March – particularly in the highest parts of the Troodos Mountains.

By the end of the month, snow becomes increasingly rare as temperatures start to rise.

Where does it snow in Cyprus

Winter scene with road on Troodos mountains in Cyprus.

As Cyprus is a Southern European island, the places where it snows in Cyprus are very restricted. 

Coastal regions

The coastal regions of Cyprus, known for their picturesque beaches and mild Mediterranean climate, rarely experience snow.

Cities like Limassol, Paphos, Larnaca, and the capital Nicosia, which is slightly inland, enjoy mild winters with temperatures rarely dropping below 10°C (50°F).

While the coastal areas receive ample winter rainfall, this precipitation does not translate into snow due to the relatively warm temperatures. This is why it’s a popular place for mild weather in November to March!

Inland Cyprus

Moving away from the coast, the inland regions of Cyprus have a slightly different climate.

These areas – towns and smaller villages located away from the sea – have cooler temperatures compared to the coast.

But snow is still uncommon in these regions.

The inland areas have a transitional climate between the mild coastal zones and the colder mountainous regions.

Winters here are cooler and wetter than on the coast, with occasional frosty mornings, but snow isn’t regular. 

Troodos Mountains

Snow is most prevalent in the Troodos Mountains, starkly contrasting to the rest of the island with their alpine climate.

During the winter months, particularly from December to March, these higher elevations often have substantial snow cover.

The Troodos Mountains, the highest point on the island even have skiing and snowboarding facilities!

Does it Snow in Nicosia?

Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus, is situated inland.

It has a slightly cooler climate than the coastal cities but rarely sees snow.

Winters in Nicosia have cooler temperatures and occasional rainfall, but snow’s infrequent.

There are some lovely sunny days too! 

Does it Snow in Limassol?

Limassol, a major coastal city in Cyprus, enjoys a Mediterranean climate with mild and wet winters.

Snow in Limassol is extremely rare.

The city’s winter weather usually includes rainy days interspersed with sunny spells, and the temperatures seldom drop to freezing levels.

In fact, Limassol’s winter climate is more conducive to walks along the beach and outdoor cafés than to winter sports!

Does it Snow in Paphos?

The weather in Paphos is also very mild in winter. 

Snow in Paphos is almost unheard of, although it did happen once in 2022 and in 2015

The city’s winter climate is characterized by moderate temperatures and rain – it’s a pleasant destination for those looking to escape harsher winter conditions elsewhere!

Does it Snow in Larnaca?

Larnaca, on the southeastern coast of Cyprus, has a similar climate to other coastal regions of the island.

Snow is exceptionally rare in Larnaca, with the winter season bringing mild temperatures and occasional rain!

The city’s winter weather is typically gentle instead. 

It snowed in Larnarca (and other places in the country) in 2015, but this is by no means a regular occurrence.

Does it Snow in the Troodos Mountains?

The Troodos Mountains are the primary location in Cyprus where snow is regular in the winter.

This mountain range, with its highest peaks reaching above 1,900 meters (over 6,200 feet), sees significant snow during the winter months, particularly from December to February.

The snow cover in the Troodos Mountains is substantial enough for winter sports like skiing and snowboarding – so you can have a winter sun and snowsports holiday in Cyprus in one! 

Why Does it Snow in Cyprus?

It’s rare that a Mediterranean island snows as much as Cyprus. 

This unusual climatic feature is largely attributed to the island’s distinct topography and geographical positioning.

Situated in the Eastern Mediterranean, Cyprus is primarily known for its sunny beaches and mild climate typical of the region.

However, unlike most Mediterranean islands, Cyprus boasts a significant elevation range, culminating in the Troodos Mountains.

These mountains, reaching almost 2,000 meters (over 6,500 feet) above sea level, are a stark contrast to the coastal lowlands.

hile the coast enjoys a typical Mediterranean climate, the higher elevations of the Troodos Mountains have a much cooler climate, especially in winter.

As the altitude increases, temperatures drop, making conditions favourable for snowfall.

Cyprus’s winter months bring mild and wet conditions, with the island receiving most of its annual rainfall during this period.

When colder air from the north converges with the moist Mediterranean air, it results in precipitation.

In the Troodos Mountains, where the temperatures are sufficiently low, this precipitation transforms into snow!

Skiing in Cyprus

Cyprus Ski lifts and cable cars going up the mountain bringing snowboarders to ski slopes

Skiing in Cyprus is a completely unique experience!

While it doesn’t have the ski resorts of other places in Europe like the Alps, Mount Olympus Ski Resort welcomes travellers throughout the cooler season. 

This is the main ski resort in Cyprus, situated at an altitude of around 1,950 meters (6,400 feet). There’s usually fresh snow between December and February, but the resorts also have snow-making facilities. 

The resort boasts four ski lifts and a range of slopes, offering different levels of difficulty. The resort typically operates from January to March, depending on snow conditions.

There are two main areas within the Mount Olympus Ski Resort – Sun Valley and North Face Slopes. Sun Valley is more suited to beginners and intermediate skiers, while the North Face caters to those looking for more challenging runs.

The Mount Olympus Ski Resort is accessible by road, with a drive of about an hour from Nicosia and slightly longer from the coastal cities. Accommodation options range from mountain lodges and traditional guest houses to more modern hotels.

Average weather in Cyprus

Here’s a table with the average temperatures in Cyprus in winter. As you can see, only limited parts of the island have temperatures low enough that are conducive to snow! 

MonthMount OlympusNicosiaLarnacaPaphosLimassol
November10°C / 3°C (50°F / 37.4°F)19°C / 9°C (66.2°F / 48.2°F)22°C / 12°C (71.6°F / 53.6°F)22°C / 13°C (71.6°F / 55.4°F)22°C / 12°C (71.6°F / 53.6°F)
December6°C / 0°C (42.8°F / 32°F)15°C / 6°C (59°F / 42.8°F)18°C / 9°C (64.4°F / 48.2°F)18°C / 10°C (64.4°F / 50°F)18°C / 10°C (64.4°F / 50°F)
January4°C / -1°C (39.2°F / 30.2°F)13°C / 5°C (55.4°F / 41°F)16°C / 8°C (60.8°F / 46.4°F)16°C / 8°C (60.8°F / 46.4°F)17°C / 9°C (62.6°F / 48.2°F)
February4°C / -1°C (39.2°F / 30.2°F)14°C / 5°C (57.2°F / 41°F)17°C / 8°C (62.6°F / 46.4°F)17°C / 9°C (62.6°F / 48.2°F)17°C / 9°C (62.6°F / 48.2°F)
March7°C / 1°C (44.6°F / 33.8°F)17°C / 7°C (62.6°F / 44.6°F)19°C / 10°C (66.2°F / 50°F)19°C / 10°C (66.2°F / 50°F)19°C / 11°C (66.2°F / 51.8°F)

Snow in Cyprus

The ski season may be short and resorts limited, but there is snow in Cyprus throughout the winter months – and hopefully this post has demonstrated where, when and why you can find it!

If you’re looking for more snow in surrounding countries, take a look at my snow in Turkey and snow in Greece articles. 

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