Central Europe

Straddling East and West, Central Europe brims with centuries of fascinating history. In the winter, this region is chilly, but it still has plenty to offer. Hit the slopes in the numerous ski resorts, soak in a bath in Budapest, or enjoy magical capitals like Prague without so many tourists. Whatever your tastes, there are so many enticing activities and attractions in Central Europe in the cooler months!


Whether you want to traverse the snowy countryside of Hungary or warm up in the many bathhouses of Budapest, this Central European country has a lot to offer throughout the year – particuarly in the winter time!

Easy to reach from many European destinations and with hospitable people and comfortable food, a mini-break in Budapest – and elsehwere in Hungary – is a fantastic idea for Europe in the winter months!


Sitting in the heart of Europe, Czechia is a small country that’s brimming with lots of attractions. Discover Prague, its capital city, which has a spellbinding Christmas market and looks especially lovely covered with a blanket of snow. 

In the countryside, find sleepy villages, impressive ski slopes and plenty of authentic food. Visit the Visit Valašké Kloubouky Christmas Markets, do some winter hiking, or just relax in one of the country’s numerous spas.

There’s plenty to enjoy in Czechia in winter!


The biggest country in Central Europe, Poland stretches from the Baltic Sea down to Czechia, Slovakia and Ukraine in the south. 

It’s become a popular tourist destination recently, but most tourists visit in the summer months. But it’s worth seeing in the winter too. 

Poland’s used to cooler weather, and they do it very well. From skiing to frequenting Christmas markets in its many cities, you’ll love this country in the frostier months!

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