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9 reasons to visit Iceland in February

Are you planning to visit Iceland in February? Here’s everything you need to know! Take a February trip to Iceland and enjoy the Northern Lights, snowy landscapes and fantastic Nordic culture. It’s an off-peak time to visit, but I think that February is a fantastic time to visit Iceland. I recently went to Iceland for […]

Does it snow in Vilnius, Lithuania?

View of Vilnius with snow covered cityscape

Does it snow in Vilnius? YES, but it’s not guaranteed. While Vilnius – and Lithuania in general – used to be snowsure for most of the winter, global warming means it’s nowadays less likely. That said, snow is still fairly common, and when I visited Vilnius in December 2023, it was very snowy indeed. Here’s […]

How to visit Tallinn Christmas Market, Estonia

It’s certainly not Europe’s busiest Christmas market, but Tallinn’s is gloriously underrated.  The square’s usually dusted with snow and sits in the shadow of the historic town hall – the oldest of its kind in Northern Europe.  Purchase local souvenirs, try Estonian glogg and gorge on delicious Baltic cuisine – here’s all you need to […]

Copenhagen in March: reasons to visit and top things to do!

If you’re thinking of visiting Copenhagen in March, this blog post is for you! Scandinavian winters – they can be tough. However, as March progresses, daytime temperatures gradually warm up in Copenhagen – but the tourist crowds haven’t quite made it yet.  This is why I love Copenhagen in March. It has all the hygge […]

When does it snow in Sweden? Winter weather guide

Evening winter scenery of street in Old Town (Gamla Stan) in Stockholm, Sweden

If you’re planning a winter trip to Scandanavia, you might be wondering “does it snow in Sweden”?  The answer is it does, but it largely depends on where you’re going and when.  All of Sweden can see snow in the winter period, but it’s much more likely in the north and mountains than on the […]

Does it snow in Finland? Winter weather guide!

Helsinki cityscape with Helsinki Cathedral in winter, Finland

Are you planning a winter trip to Europe and wondering “when does it snow in Finland?”. In certain parts of the country, you can expect icy weather from November (or even earlier!). It usually snows throughout the country in December, January and February, although the amount and consistency varies depending on where you are. Generally, […]