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Best places to visit in Europe in November (2023 guide)

London, UK - January 27, 2015: City of London, business and banking area. London's panorama at sun set. View from the St. Paul cathedral

What are the best places to visit in Europe in November?  November’s the start of the cooler season in Europe, and while the barometer drops, there’s plenty of sunny weather in the south, it’s an excellent off-peak time to explore the major cities and festivals are abundant throughout the continent.  Europe’s abundance of destinations mean […]

Does it snow in Poland? 2023/4 guide

Winter city among the forest in the mountains. View of the winter landscape from a drone. Karpacz. Poland

Does it snow in Poland? Here’s what winter weather in Poland you can expect! In Poland in winter, average temperatures plummet and the chance of snow increases.  While the snowiest months are January and February and you’ll find heavier snowfall in the mountains, other destinations have a moderate climate where snow is rare and melts […]

15 warmest places in Europe in February in 2024

Sunny view of Angra do Heroismo from Alto da Memoria, Azores, Portugal

Are you looking for the warmest places in Europe in February?  February: it’s a bit of a non-eventful month for many, but there are plenty of European escapes where you can enjoy a slice of sunshine!  February in Europe is usually synonymous with skiing down Mont Blanc or the Northern Lights; but if you prefer […]

Malta in December: 7 reasons to visit & things to do in 2023

View of Valletta from Upper Barraka Gardens.

Malta in December: it’s the perfect warm festive destination! A gorgeous island sitting just to the south of Italy, Malta basks in a mild Mediterranean climate. With bright blue sea, golden sandy beaches, extensive history and a unique fusion of cultures, this island’s perfect for a festive break! I love the island of Malta – […]

15 warmest places in Europe in January (2024 guide)

Amalfi Coast in Italy

What are the warmest places in Europe in January?  As the festive season departs and the new year sets in, people around Northern Europe find themselves wondering if there’s somewhere they can go to escape the winter blues.  Largely, people ask if there are any warm destinations in Europe in January which offer beautiful beaches […]

Does it snow in Edinburgh, Scotland?

aerial view of Edinburgh with princess street and Edinburgh castle (old town) covered in Snow in Edinburgh, Scotland

Does it snow in Edinburgh, Scotland? Read on to find out! The stunning capital of Scotland, Edinburgh is known for its glorious architecture, welcoming atmosphere and great pubs. It’s not the warmest city in Europe by a long shot, but it doesn’t snow that often, thanks to the UK generally having mild winters and Edinburgh’s […]

Does it snow in Manchester, England? 2023 guide

Long exposure photograph of the shoppers at the Christmas market in front of the Manchester Town Hall,

Does it snow in Manchester?  Read on as we go into an in-depth look in snowfall in this part of England! The northern city of Manchester is known for its wetter, slightly chillier weather – but, while it can be nippy here in the winter season, it rarely snows.  This is largely thanks to Britain’s […]

Best Christmas markets in the UK for 2023

Christmas markets in the UK

So, you’re thinking about soaking up some festive cheer at the best Christmas markets in the UK? Great choice! Streets lined with twinkling lights, the inviting scent of mulled wine wafting through the chilly air, and stalls brimming with unique gifts that have “perfect present” written all over them – these are the best UK […]

Tenerife in December: reasons to visit & guide for 2023

Are you thinking about visiting Tenerife in December? Read on, as I explain why that’s a great idea! Tenerife is a stunning island in the Canary Islands archipelago of Spain, situated just off the west coast of Africa.  What does this mean?  Much milder winters than elsewhere in Europe! I’ve visited this island a few […]

Lisbon in November: 6 best reasons to visit & guide for 2023

Rua Nova Do Carvalho - Lisbon Pink Street with bars. The Heart Of Lisbon's Night Life in the daytime with no people, Portugal, Europe

Are you intrigued about visiting Lisbon in November? Here’s why you should add it to your list! Lisbon will forever be one of my favourite cities.  The cobbled streets lead the way up its many hills that lead to epic viewpoints over the River Tagus.  There are ample cafes serving delicious food, which offer al […]