Does it snow in Prague, Czechia? Winter weather guide

Prague down town center at winter Christmas time, classical view on snowy roofs in central part of city.

Does it snow in Prague? Yes, fairly frequently! Snow’s by no means guaranteed in the winter any more, but you may well see it if you’re planning a winter trip to the Czech capital. And Prague – a beautiful city any time of year – looks even more stunning underneath a frosty white blanket! Here’s […]

Does it snow in Bucharest, Romania? Winter weather guide

Bucharest city architecture at night. There is snow on the ground and streetlights. This is a great view of Bucharest in winter

Does it snow in Bucharest?  If you’re planning a winter trip to the capital of Romania, you may be wondering just how cold the weather will be.  It can and does snow in Bucharest all winter long.  But, it’s becoming rarer. In this post, we’ll look at the snowfall patterns in Bucharest are – so […]

Driving in Switzerland in winter: what you need to know

Winter landscape of lake Geneva or Lac Leman, Switzerland

One of Europe’s most beautiful countries, Switzerland is an idyllic destination to travel to. However, while road-tripping is dreamy, if you’re driving in Switzerland in winter, there’s quite a lot to consider! In this article, we chat all about winter driving in Switzerland, whether you should opt for road-tripping at this time of year, and […]

Does it snow in Romania? Winter weather guide

Winter in Moeciu Village. Rural landscape in the Carpathians, Romania.

Does it snow in Romania? In the cooler season, yes! Here’s all you need to know. Sitting in Southeastern Europe, Romania has a long cold season largely thanks to its mountain ranges in Transylvania.  Average temperatures in much of the country are low, although Bucharest and the Black Sea coast can have slightly warmer weather.  […]

Christmas in Serbia: places to visit & traditions

"n"nPicture of the stalls of a candy christmas market displaying candies on loose, of various types, such as lollipops, gummy bears and other sugar variations during winter time in Belgrade, Serbia.

In Serbia at Christmas, you’ll experience a winter wonderland where age-old customs and contemporary festivities blend seamlessly. From the twinkling lights of Belgrade to the snow-covered landscapes of Serbian mountains, each corner of the country rings out in holiday cheer. Indulge in its rich cuisine, partake in enduring traditions and enjoy the chilly winter weather. […]

Copenhagen in March: reasons to visit and top things to do!

If you’re thinking of visiting Copenhagen in March, this blog post is for you! Scandinavian winters – they can be tough. However, as March progresses, daytime temperatures gradually warm up in Copenhagen – but the tourist crowds haven’t quite made it yet.  This is why I love Copenhagen in March. It has all the hygge […]

Does it snow in Cyprus? Winter weather 2023/4 guide

Snow in Cyprus dusted in the mountains

Situated in the midst of the Mediterranean Sea, you’d be forgiven for thinking the weather forecast is always mild and sunny in Cyprus.  In fact, while daily temperatures remain mild on the coast, Cyprus has a large mountain range – the Troodos Mountains – where you can not just find snow, but ski resorts! Here’s […]

Christmas in Ljubljana: things to do & customs

Romantic Ljubljana's city center decorated for Christmas fairytale. Preseren's square, Ljubljana, Slovenia, Europe.

Frosty cobblestone streets spill down to the river and summit up to the legendary castle which overlooks the city.  Every evening, Christmas lights punctuate the darkness and the smell of Potica (a Slovenian cake) and other local treats are a feast for the senses.  Ljubljana’s a gorgeous city to visit any time of year, but […]

Christmas in Warsaw: attractions, activites & full guide

Warsaw, Poland - Skating rink in the Old Town Square and Christmas Market

Snowflakes softly falling to the ground, festive stalls bedecked in lights, ice rinks springing up around the city… Christmas in Warsaw has so much to offer.  If you’re visiting Warsaw this festive season, here’s a full guide with all you need to know! What’s Warsaw like at Christmas? When the first snowflakes start to fall […]