12 coldest places in Europe for winter breaks

Svalbard in Norway

When winter descends in Europe, travellers across the continent often flock to its most famous winter sun destinations (Malta, the Canary Islands and Southern Portugal to name a few!). But what about the other side of Europe in winter? The coldest side? If you’re keen on visiting the coldest cities in Europe – or are […]

Does it snow in Vilnius, Lithuania?

View of Vilnius with snow covered cityscape

Does it snow in Vilnius? YES, but it’s not guaranteed. While Vilnius – and Lithuania in general – used to be snowsure for most of the winter, global warming means it’s nowadays less likely. That said, snow is still fairly common, and when I visited Vilnius in December 2023, it was very snowy indeed. Here’s […]

How to visit Tallinn Christmas Market, Estonia

It’s certainly not Europe’s busiest Christmas market, but Tallinn’s is gloriously underrated.  The square’s usually dusted with snow and sits in the shadow of the historic town hall – the oldest of its kind in Northern Europe.  Purchase local souvenirs, try Estonian glogg and gorge on delicious Baltic cuisine – here’s all you need to […]

How to visit Wroclaw Christmas Market in Poland

If you’re planning on visiting the Wroclaw Christmas Market, read on for my full review! Wroclaw, or Poland in general, might not leap to mind when you think of Europe’s most Christmassy destinations.  Surely the markets of Bavaria, or the slopes of the Alps, have more to offer?  Wrong. Poland is actually one of my […]

Does it snow in Prague, Czechia? Winter weather guide

Prague down town center at winter Christmas time, classical view on snowy roofs in central part of city.

Does it snow in Prague? Yes, fairly frequently! Snow’s by no means guaranteed in the winter any more, but you may well see it if you’re planning a winter trip to the Czech capital. And Prague – a beautiful city any time of year – looks even more stunning underneath a frosty white blanket! Here’s […]

Does it snow in Bucharest, Romania? Winter weather guide

Bucharest city architecture at night. There is snow on the ground and streetlights. This is a great view of Bucharest in winter

Does it snow in Bucharest?  If you’re planning a winter trip to the capital of Romania, you may be wondering just how cold the weather will be.  It can and does snow in Bucharest all winter long.  But, it’s becoming rarer. In this post, we’ll look at the snowfall patterns in Bucharest are – so […]

Driving in Switzerland in winter: what you need to know

Winter landscape of lake Geneva or Lac Leman, Switzerland

One of Europe’s most beautiful countries, Switzerland is an idyllic destination to travel to. However, while road-tripping is dreamy, if you’re driving in Switzerland in winter, there’s quite a lot to consider! In this article, we chat all about winter driving in Switzerland, whether you should opt for road-tripping at this time of year, and […]