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Driving in Switzerland in winter: what you need to know

Winter landscape of lake Geneva or Lac Leman, Switzerland

One of Europe’s most beautiful countries, Switzerland is an idyllic destination to travel to. However, while road-tripping is dreamy, if you’re driving in Switzerland in winter, there’s quite a lot to consider! In this article, we chat all about winter driving in Switzerland, whether you should opt for road-tripping at this time of year, and […]

Does it snow in Glasgow, Scotland? Winter weather guide

Snow in Glasgow's a rarity!

Does it snow in Glasgow – and what can you expect from winter weather here? While Glasgow is located quite far north, it doesn’t snow as much here as you may think, largely thanks to its maritime location. But it can snow here, and usually does a few days a year. We’re talking all things […]

Does it snow in Dublin, Ireland? Winter weather guide

DUBLIN.IRELAND - February 28 , 2018: Ha’penny bridge over the Liffey river covered with snow as a result of a snow storm in Ireland.

Does it snow in Dublin? What can you expect when visiting this capital in the winter? It can snow in Dublin, but it’s very rare. Usually you can expect to see drizzle and clouds if you’re visiting Dublin in the winter – but no rain. In fact, it’s a lot milder than most continental locations. […]

15 things to do in the UK in December (2024 guide)

Explosive fireworks display fills the sky around Big Ben. New Year's Eve celebration background

Thinking about a trip to the UK in December? As winter sets in, the air grows crisp and landscapes turn frosty. But don’t let the cold deter you; December’s one of the best times to visit Britain! I’ve travelled all over the world, but I always come back home in December, because there’s nowhere that […]

Best places to visit in Europe in November (2024 guide)

London, UK - January 27, 2015: City of London, business and banking area. London's panorama at sun set. View from the St. Paul cathedral

What are the best places to visit in Europe in November?  November’s the start of the cooler season in Europe, and while the barometer drops, there’s plenty of sunny weather in the south, it’s an excellent off-peak time to explore the major cities and festivals are abundant throughout the continent.  Europe’s abundance of destinations mean […]

Does it snow in Edinburgh, Scotland?

aerial view of Edinburgh with princess street and Edinburgh castle (old town) covered in Snow in Edinburgh, Scotland

Does it snow in Edinburgh, Scotland? Read on to find out! The stunning capital of Scotland, Edinburgh is known for its glorious architecture, welcoming atmosphere and great pubs. It’s not the warmest city in Europe by a long shot, but it doesn’t snow that often, thanks to the UK generally having mild winters and Edinburgh’s […]

Does it snow in Manchester, England? 2023 guide

Long exposure photograph of the shoppers at the Christmas market in front of the Manchester Town Hall,

Does it snow in Manchester?  Read on as we go into an in-depth look in snowfall in this part of England! The northern city of Manchester is known for its wetter, slightly chillier weather – but, while it can be nippy here in the winter season, it rarely snows.  This is largely thanks to Britain’s […]

Best Christmas markets in the UK for 2024

Christmas markets in the UK

So, you’re thinking about soaking up some festive cheer at the best Christmas markets in the UK? Great choice! Streets lined with twinkling lights, the inviting scent of mulled wine wafting through the chilly air, and stalls brimming with unique gifts that have “perfect present” written all over them – these are the best UK […]

Does it snow in Ireland? Winter weather guide for 2023/ 4

a seasonal snow covered view of atlantic ocean and ballybunion castle with red benches on a frosty snow covered winters day

Does it snow in Ireland? Sitting in a relatively northern location in Europe, you might be wondering about snowfall in Ireland. Does it snow in winter? How much can you expect? Will it interrupt your travel plans? I’ll go into it all in this post! Ireland isn’t renowned for its snow, and for good reason […]