Does it snow in Romania? Winter weather guide

Winter in Moeciu Village. Rural landscape in the Carpathians, Romania.

Does it snow in Romania? In the cooler season, yes! Here’s all you need to know.

Sitting in Southeastern Europe, Romania has a long cold season largely thanks to its mountain ranges in Transylvania. 

Average temperatures in much of the country are low, although Bucharest and the Black Sea coast can have slightly warmer weather. 

So, where, why and when does it snow in Romania? Let’s dig into it! 

Does it snow in Romania?

Mountain road tunnel entrance

Snow is common in Romania during the winter months – usually starting in December and lasting until early March.

The amount and frequency of snowfall vary across the country, with the mountainous regions, particularly the Carpathians, seeing heavier and more consistent snow.

While cities in the south like Bucharest may see less frequent snow, the northern and central parts of Romania often enjoy picturesque winter landscapes – these areas are popular for winter sports and scenic beauty.

When does it snow in Romania?

Balea Lake Transfagarasan Romania. Important tourist attraction.Balea Lake Transfagarasan Romania. Important tourist attraction.

It can snow anywhere in Romania in the winter months; if you’re heading to the mountains, the ski season may be longer. 

Does it snow in Romania in November?

November in Romania marks the transition to winter.

While snow is not widespread across the entire country, the mountainous regions, particularly the Carpathians, often start receiving their first snowfalls.

In the lower regions and southern parts of the country, snow is less common and more sporadic.

Does it snow in Romania in December?

December sees a notable increase in snowfall across Romania.

This is the month when winter truly sets in, bringing more consistent snow, especially in the central and northern parts.

Cities like Brasov in Transylvania often experience a picturesque winter setting, with snow-covered streets and festive decorations.

Does it snow in Romania in January?

January is typically the coldest and snowiest month in Romania.

Most of the country, including urban areas and the vast stretches of the Carpathian Mountains, is likely to have a significant snow cover.

This period is ideal for winter sports and enjoying the scenic, snowy landscapes.

Does it snow in Romania in February?

Snowfall continues into February; the winter wonderland is maintained in many parts of Romania.

The temperatures usually remain low enough to sustain the snow cover, particularly in the northern and central regions.

This month still offers excellent conditions for skiing and other winter activities.

Does it snow in Romania in March?

In March, the arrival of spring starts to impact the weather patterns.

Snowfall begins to decrease, particularly in the lower altitudes and southern regions.

However, higher elevations and the northern parts of the country can still experience occasional snow showers, especially in early March.

As the month progresses, the likelihood of snow gradually diminishes.

Where does it snow in Romania?

Bran Castle in Romania, medieval fortress legendary for Dracula myth, Carpathian Mountains


Transylvania, with its jagged mountains, regularly receives substantial snowfall in the winter.

The region’s closeness to the Carpathian Mountains guarantees a consistent snow blanket, transforming it into a favoured spot for winter sports and picturesque snowy strolls.


Situated in northeastern Romania, Moldova (not to be confused with the independent country of Moldova which sits across the border) often witnesses significant snow during winter – especially in the elevated areas. 


Wallachia, encompassing Romania’s capital, Bucharest, has more variable winter weather.

Snowfall here is less intense and less frequent compared to the northern regions.

However, the area still experiences a fair amount of snow, especially in the higher altitudes near the Carpathian foothills.

Black Sea Coast

The Black Sea Coast in Romania, known for its mild climate, experiences the least amount of snow in the country.

Winters here are generally more moderate, with snowfall being a rare and often light occurrence.

The coastal cities, such as Constanta, have milder winters compared to the rest of Romania.

Does it Snow in Bucharest?

The large Parliament Building in Bucharest city in winter. There is a blue sky and snow on the ground.

Bucharest, Romania’s capital city, sees snowfall during the winter, although it’s not as heavy or as frequent as in the northern or mountainous regions.

The snow in Bucharest typically begins in December – you might witness it at the Christmas markets – and can last until February. However, the winters have been milder in previous years due to global warming!

Does it Snow in Cluj-Napoca?

Cluj-Napoca, in the heart of Transylvania, usually sees considerable snowfall in winter.

The city, surrounded by hills and not far from the Carpathian Mountains, has a climate conducive to snowy winters.

Does it Snow in Brasov?

Brasov, within the Carpathian Mountains in Transylvania, is one of Romania’s cities where snow is a common winter feature.

The city often experiences a significant snow cover, which makes it a popular destination for winter tourism, including skiing.

Does it Snow in Timisoara?

Timisoara, located in the western part of Romania, sees moderate snowfall during the winter.

The city does not receive as much snow as the mountainous or northern regions, but it still enjoys a visible winter season!

Does it Snow in the Carpathian Mountains?

Red cable car moving down in Poiana Brasov famous ski resort,Carpathians,Transylvania,Romania,Europe

Yes! The Carpathian Mountains, spanning a large part of Romania, are known for their heavy snowfall and long-lasting snow cover during the winter months.

This makes the Carpathians a prime destination for winter sports like skiing and snowboarding.

The snow here typically starts in November and can last well into March.

Why does it snow in Romania?

Romania sees snow largely due to its geographical and climatic conditions.

Situated in Eastern Europe, the country has a continental climate, characterized by distinct seasons, with cold winters and hot summers.

During the winter months, cold air masses from the north and northeast, often originating from Siberia or the Arctic, sweep across the country, leading to lower temperatures.

The Carpathian Mountains, a significant geographical feature in Romania, play a crucial role in the country’s weather patterns.

They act as a barrier, trapping the cold air in the region and influencing the distribution and amount of snowfall.

Regions on the windward side of the mountains, like Transylvania, receive more precipitation, including snow, due to the orographic effect, where moist air rises and cools over the mountains, leading to snow.

Skiing in Romania

Sinaia, Romania - December 16, 2019: Chairlift and wooden fence at Cota 2000, Sinaia ski domain, Romania, on a sunny Winter day.

Romania, with its scenic Carpathian Mountains, is a fantastic place to ski.

The country’s ski resorts cater to a range of skill levels, from beginners to advanced skiers, and are known for their picturesque settings and relatively affordable prices.

Here are three of the best ski resorts in Romania:

Poiana Brasov

Located near the medieval town of Brasov in Transylvania, Poiana Brasov is the most popular ski resort in Romania.

It boasts a range of slopes suitable for all levels, including some challenging runs for experienced skiers.

The resort is well-equipped with modern facilities, ski schools, and apr├Ęs-ski options. The picturesque views of the surrounding mountains add to the charm of skiing in Poiana Brasov.


Often referred to as the “Pearl of the Carpathians,” Sinaia is home to the Peles Castle and offers some of the best skiing in Romania.

The resort has diverse slopes that cater to various skill levels, and its higher altitude often results in a longer skiing season compared to other Romanian resorts.

Sinaia combines the thrill of winter sports with the opportunity to explore rich cultural and historical sites.

Balea Lac

For those seeking a more adventurous skiing experience, Balea Lac in the Fagaras Mountains is an excellent choice.

Accessible by cable car during the winter, this resort is known for its off-piste and freeride skiing opportunities.

The stunning natural scenery, including frozen lakes and rugged mountain terrain, makes Balea Lac a unique and exhilarating skiing destination.

So, does it snow in Romania? 

Yes, it does snow in Romania – but not everywhere! While some areas can see very heavy snow, others are much milder. Hopefully, this blog post has answered all your questions!

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