Does it snow in Albania? Winter weather guide

Mountain landscape in the remote village of Theth, in the North of Albania. Photo is taken on a hike from Valbona to theth

Does it snow in Albania? When and where can you expect the white stuff? We’re breaking it all down in this post! 

Albania’s somewhere that is on a lot of Europe traveller’s radar at the moment – if you’re planning a winter trip there, you might be wondering about the likelihood of seeing some snow. 

The answer to “Will it snow in Albania” is it depends on where you go.

In the mountainous regions, snow is likely and even a certainty once you go past enough altitude, but down by the coast and even in the capital of Tirana (which is fairly near to Durres, by the sea), snow’s much less likely. 

Here’s all you need to know about snowfall in Albania!

Does it snow in Albania?

It does snow in some parts of Albania, but certainly not everywhere! 

Albania has a varied topography that sprawls over a picturesque coastline and rugged mountains. 

You’ll see snow in Albania primarily in the mountainous regions, particularly in the Albanian Alps, where it can be quite heavy and consistent during the winter months. 

In contrast, the coastal regions and lowland areas have milder winters with less frequent snow. 

When does it snow in Albania?

Hiking at incredible and extreme Albanian Alps, the highest peak at Albanian Alps (left one).

It can snow in some parts of Albania from November to March, whereas in others its a real rarity, with only a chance of snow in January and February (the coldest months of the year).

Does it snow in Albania in November?

Everything changes in Albania in November – crisp autumn air starts foreshadowing a coming winter. 

Snowflakes are rare in most parts of the country, but it starts to fall in the the Albanian Alps.

Does it snow in Albania in December?

December marks the true arrival of winter. Snow starts to happen in the higher elevations, especially in the north.

Cities like Tirana witness occasional snow, but it’s often just fleeting and light. 

Does it snow in Albania in January?

January is the coldest month in Albania – snow is frequent in the mountains and foothills. 

The Albanian Alps are in full winter glory and the slopes are in full swing! 

It can even snow in the suburbs of Tirana this month! 

Does it snow in Albania in February?

February is a chilly month in Albania, too.

The mountain regions are still covered in snow and the ski slopes are abuzz with activity. 

The coast and lowlands, however, are usually still mild (Southern Albania is considered one of the warmer places in Europe in February). 

Does it snow in Albania in March?

In March, spring approaches in Albania. 

Snowfall eases, particularly in the lower and southern regions. 

The mountains may cling to the snow a little longer, but the signs of spring become increasingly evident as the month progresses.

Does it snow in Tirana?

Skyscrapers in Tirana

Tirana, the vibrant capital of Albania, is between hills and not that far from the Adriatic coast. 

Due to its position, its winters have more brisk chilly weather than substantial snowfall. 

The city’s winter weather is generally mild compared to the snow of the Albanian Alps.

It snowed for a day or so in 2021 and 2018, with more substantial snow in 2017; before that, the last snow of any substance was in 1985, some 32 years prior!

Why does it snow in Albania?

Albania’s location in Southern Europe gives it a generally mild climate, but snow can occur at altitude. 

In the Albanian Alps in the north, the combination of higher altitudes and colder air masses moving south from Europe means snow often falls – the temperature’s often low enough for snow, rather than rain. 

Albania’s coastal areas, including cities like Durrës and Vlorë, have a Mediterranean climate. 

This brings milder winters, where snow is rare due to the moderating influence of the Adriatic and Ionian Seas. 

These seas act as a natural thermostat, keeping the coastal temperatures relatively higher, which prevents snow from frequently occurring. In fact, many of these spots are considered winter sun locations

In inland areas, such as Tirana, the winters are cooler but not as harsh as the mountainous regions. 

Skiing in Albania

Mountain landscape in the remote village of Theth, in the North of Albania. Photo is taken on a hike from Valbona to theth

There are burgeoning opportunities for skiing and winter sports in Albania. 

Though not as widely known as ski destinations in Western Europe or places like Bulgaria, Albania’s ski resorts are gaining recognition for their natural beauty, uncrowded slopes and affordability.

Albania’s ski resorts are still developing in terms of facilities and infrastructure. 

However, this also means they boast a more untouched and authentic experience compared to the more commercial ski resorts in Europe. 

They’re ideal for skiiers and snowboarders looking for less crowded slopes and a chance to explore Albania’s natural beauty!

Valbona Valley

One of the top skiing destinations in Albania is the resort of Valbona Valley. In the heart of the Albanian Alps, here skiing is rugged and authentic. 


Another notable ski area is Dardha, near the city of Korca in the southeastern part of the country. 

This resort is smaller and more intimate, perfect for families and those looking for a quieter winter getaway. 

Dardha is known for its scenic beauty and traditional stone architecture.

Are you ready for your winter trip to Albania? 

As you can see, it does snow in Albania, but don’t expect it if you aren’t heading to the mountains!

That said, in the ski resorts and higher altitude areas of the Albanian Alps, snow is pretty much guaranteed. 

If you’re interested in snowfall elsewhere in the region, check out my articles about the likelihood of snow in Greece and Italy

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