9 top things to do in Batumi in winter

Have you ever thought about visiting Batumi in winter?

One of Georgia’s largest cities and the capital of the Black Sea Adjara region, Batumi’s well-known as a tourist hub in the summer months thanks to its warm weather and proximity to the beach. 

But what about in the winter? Well, the temperatures may dip, but Batumi still has plenty to offer. 

I spent two days in Batumi in winter to see what the city had to offer. 

What’s Batumi in winter like? 

The Black Sea coast might be quieter in winter, but Batumi never truly sleeps. 

Crowds on the city’s beaches thin out, with sea swimmers avoiding the water from late October, but the centre is still lively. 

Of course, the peak tourist season for the Black Sea region is summer, when nature can be enjoyed to its fullest extent; but there are plenty of all-season attractions and activities on offer in Batumi.

The city is home to over 150,000 people, and its restaurants and wine bars that cater to locals are open year-round. 

Plus, there are a few museums and historical sites to check out too. 

Batumi in winter weather

The weather in Batumi in winter ranges. 

When we were there at the end of January, we weren’t lucky with the weather at all. Rain fell for two days straight and temperatures hovered around 8°C. 

However, just before we visited and just after we visited, the sun was shining and the barometer sat at around 10°C. 

As I’m writing this (in mid-March), this week is seeing highs of 16°C with sunny weather. 

Generally, Batumi experiences mild winters thanks to its sub-tropical and coastal location. While it can sometimes snow in Tbilisi (and can snow for 6 months per year in mountainous regions like Svaneti), snow in Batumi is very rare. 

Things to do in Batumi in winter

Rain or shine, there are plenty of things to do in Batumi!

Explore the city centre and see its buildings and attractions

The first thing I usually recommend anyone do in a city is a walking tour.

By taking one of these tours, you’ll learn about the history and culture of the city from a local’s perspective. 

Batumi’s a fascinating city – it’s been occupied by the Romans, Byzantines, Ottomans, Russian Empire and the USSR – and you can see fragments of its past all over the city while taking in its modern Georgian spirit. 

Nowadays, there are some incredible modern buildings, including the Alphabet Tower (which is dedicated to Georgia’s unique alphabet) and the Batumi Tower Ferris Wheel – which is just what you think it is, a tower with a ferris wheel inside! 

Also, don’t miss Europe Square in the city’s centre, where you can see more funky architecture and experience its chilled-out atmosphere. 

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Walk along the 7km boulevard

While the historic centre of Batumi’s fascinating, most tourists come for the beach. 

You might not be able to enjoy these quite as much as you can in the summer, but beach walks are definitely on the agenda! 

Look out for the Ali and Nino statue, which is dedicated to the Georgian novel of the same name (in which Nino, a Georgian Christian girl falls in love with Ali, an Azeri Muslim boy). 

Depending on the weather, you can walk along the boulevard as much or as little as you wish, taking in the Black Sea views on the way! 

Head to the Gonio Fortress

Delve into Roman history at Gonio Fortress, an ancient fortification dating back to the 1st century AD. 

This fortress, which is around a 20 minute drive from the city near the Turkish border, has been a pivotal site under Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman rule. 

It’s renowned for its well-preserved structure and the legend that it houses the grave of Saint Matthias, one of the twelve apostles.

Nowadays, it is a tourist attraction that’s open to visitors.

You can reach Gonio Fortress by Bolt taxi from Batumi. It is quite open, so take layers and a rain jacket and remember closed-toe shoes, as you’ll be walking on uneven terrain. 

Sample Adjara’s rich cuisine

Georgia is well known for its food, and Adjara is no exception. 

The most famous dish is the Adjaruli kachapuri, a cheesy boat-shaped bread with a cracked egg and a stick of butter in the middle (not one to eat if you’re on a diet!). 

Then there are dishes like Borano, a sumptuous cheese and egg pie, Sinori, which consists of layers of thin bread, cottage cheese and clotted cream and Chirbuli, a rich and flavorful egg and walnut dish.

Of course, classics like khinkali (dumplings), lobio (bean stew) and phakali (vegetables with walnut paste) are on all menus too! 

Go up in the cable car

The Batumi cable car is ever-popular in the summer, but the panoramic views of the Black Sea nad Batumi’s skyline are just as photogenic on a sunny winter’s day!

At the top, take a moment to enjoy the scenic beauty and perhaps sip a coffee at the café. 

The cable car is only 10 minutes each way, so it’s an easy way to explore some of the area around the city. 

Explore the botanical gardens 

A refreshing change from the pace of the city, the Batumi Botanical Garden is like an oasis.

With a huge range of diverse flora, here you can take a relaxed stroll through sets of plants that are meticulously curated to represent different global regions. 

The Japanese garden is particularly enchanting, with its delicate balance of water and plant elements. 

Be sure to visit the subtropical and Caucasian plant sections to appreciate the garden’s biodiversity. 

Comfortable footwear is recommended!

Go wine tasting at Midi Wine Bar

When the rain in Batumi got a bit too much, we sheltered in Midi Wine Bar

Located in the city centre, this bar serves a range of Georgian wines and offers tastings. 

We enjoyed three glasses of wine and three glasses of red, which were from vineyards around the country. 

We also got an extra glass of wine for free because the vineyard owner had come into the bar with a bottle. This happens a lot in Georgia! 

Batumi Archeological Museum

The Batumi Archeological Museum is an extensive exhibition of archeaological treasures from the Adjara region. 

Here, you’ll learn all about Adjara’s Roman beginnings and how it developed as a region throughout the centuries.

It’s definitely worth visiting to discover a bit more of the area’s fascinating history! 

Experience the casinos and nightlife 

Batumi’s nightlife is vibrant and varied – here you’ll find everything from sophisticated casinos to lively clubs. 

The Casino Peace at Sheraton Batumi is a popular choice, with a range of games and an elegant atmosphere. 

For a more dynamic experience, visit the Eclipse Casino which is known for its modern gaming options and lively ambiance. 

Always set a budget for your casino visits and ensure you enjoy the nightlife responsibly.

Is there skiing near Batumi? 

Yes, there is skiing near Batumi at the Goderdzi Ski Resort, located approximately 120 kilometres away. 

This relatively small yet charming resort is around a two-hour drive from Batumi. 

The resort caters to a variety of skill levels and boasts several lifts and trails amidst beautiful mountain scenery. 

There are a few other ski resorts in Georgia – Gudauri is closer to Tbilisi and Mestia is a 5+ hour drive from Batumi (although the road from Jvari to Mestia is hair-raising in the winter months).

Things you are limited in Batumi in winter

The beach and the sea

Although Georgia is relatively far south compared to places like the UK, the sea is still cold here! 

In fact, today (in March) I compared the sea temperature with Devon (where I live in England) and it’s 10°C in Batumi and 9°C in Devon!

So, unless you’re a practiced cold-water swimmer, I wouldn’t recommend taking a dip in the winter. 

Likewise, it’s usually too cold to sit on the beach (unless the sun’s out and you’re wrapped up!). It’s often good weather for beach walks, however!  

Some hiking trails

Hiking in Adjara is still possible in the winter, but some of the hiking trails are very muddy and less accessible.

Expect mud if you go hiking after particularly rainy weather! 

Where to stay in Batumi 

In Batumi, I think there’s nowhere better than Rooms Hotels. This Georgian brand opened in Batumi in 2022; they have four hotels in total in the country now. 

My two-night stay was nothing short of spectacular, from the warm welcome that greeted us after our journey from Kars to the awe-inspiring Signature King Room with its sea views. 

The room’s design, with its minimalist furniture and chic ambience, was incredibly relaxing!

We dined at the Rubber Duck Diner both nights; it’s a retro-themed restaurant serving fusion cuisine. 

The hotel’s charm, from its vibrant lobby to its strategic location near Batumi’s key attractions, completely blew me away. 

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So, is Batumi worth visiting in winter?

Absolutely! The Black Sea city of Batumi is vibrant metropolis with plenty of all-weather attractions. While it’s definitely more of a summer destination, don’t discount visiting in the winter for thinner crowds and off-season prices.

In fact, I loved my entire trip to Georgia in winter!

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