Best Christmas Markets in Bucharest for Festive Magic

Decorated Christmas tree and lights around the market in Revolution Square in wintertime, Bucharest city of Romania

Are you visiting Romania during the holiday season and are keen to get in the festive spirit? Check out these incredible Christmas markets in Bucharest! 

Visiting a Christmas market is one of the easiest and surest ways to get into the holiday spirit.

Europe is famous for its festive fairs in November and December, and Romania is no exception.

With light displays, amusement rides, ice skating, visits from Santa Claus and the opportunity to buy tonnes of festive treats, Christmas markets in Romania is always a great time! 

In fact, Christmas markets in Bucharest specifically are a game-changer.

A wonderful city break, the snowy streets of the Medieval city and the bright lights illuminating the beautiful squares take you instantly to a whimsical world of wonder and happiness.

Some sell incredible handmade crafts, some are worth visiting for music concerts and others have plenty of activities for kids. 

So, get ready because I have for you a tour of the 10 best Christmas markets in Bucharest; a magical city that will warm your heart and make you giddy with pleasure!

Best Christmas Markets in Bucharest

Bucharest Christmas Market

Decorative Christmas lights in Bucharest. Numerous Christmas lights on Bucharest Christmas market in evening.

I had to start with this one. Not only is it the biggest Christmas Market held in Bucharest every winter, but it is also the city’s most iconic one.

Organized by the City Hall and located right in the city center, Bucharest Christmas Market takes place between the 26th of November and the 27th of December on the walkway lined with statues of the University Square.

A beautifully lit 15-meter Christmas tree is decorated every year and special shows are organized to celebrate the Christmas theme.

Usually, Santa Claus and his elves arrive on the 17th of December, which delights children and adults alike.

Bucharest, Romania - December 23, 2015:  People Gather At The Christmas Market Downtown Bucharest City At Night In The University Square.

As with any Christmas market, you will be able to get all your shopping done here as well.

The fair hosts hundreds of stalls that sell handmade products, hand-painted Christmas decorations, sweet treats, a wide variety of Romanian food products, beverages, both alcoholic and child-friendly, and more.

Access to the Bucharest Christmas market is not free, but you can purchase online tickets to save you a bit of money and time.

A ticket costs 5 lei, roughly €1 if you buy it online and 7 lei, roughly €1.50 if you buy it at the ticket office.

All children under the age of 12 have free access.

Bucharest, Romania - 12.03.2021: Traditional pottery at Bucharest Christmas Market

Urban Christmas Market

Organized at the Gabroveni Inn between December 6th and the 23rd, this is not an activity you want to miss if you’re visiting Bucharest in winter.

The location alone makes this Christmas market an incredibly special destination. The Gabroveni Inn in Bucharest’s old city opened in 1818 and is one of the last great buildings of its kind that is still standing after more than 200 years.

The Christmas market housed here aims to promote the creative people of Bucharest, especially designers, jewellers, and those who create handmade albums, books, covers, clothes, accessories, decorations, toys, paper goods, sculptures, paintings, and more.

When you visit it, you can choose a section that appeals to you the most, such as The Maker’s Market, Food and Drinks Corner where you can buy meals and sweet treats, or the Education Corner.

The latter offers workshops for children who are interested in music or discovering the world through movement and play.

Urban Christmas Market is free for all.

West Side Christmas Market

Girl tying shoelaces on ice skates before skating on the ice rink, hands in red knitted gloves. View from top.

A list of Christmas markets in Bucharest would not be complete without this fan favourite.

The West Side Christmas Market takes place between the 26th of November and the 26th of December in the Drumul Taberei Park.

Like most other festive markets, the West Side one also offers plenty of stalls where you can do your Christmas shopping.

Here, you will find a large array of homemade goods, decorations, traditional foods and beverages and clothes and toys.

If you’re not in the mood for shopping, you can simply buy some mulled wine and walk around, enjoying the happy atmosphere and live Christmas music.

But the main attraction of the West Side Christmas Market is its open ice rink.

Encompassing 1,000 square meters, the skating arena promises a day of fun for all.

While the Christmas market in itself is free, an hour of ice skating costs 10 lei, or €2.

Christmas Maker Fair

If you’re looking for unusual Christmas attractions in Romania, this Christmas market in Bucharest needs to be on your list.

It’s an alternative and somewhat indie market that will satisfy your craving for novelty and creativity.

The Christmas Maker fair is a very cosy and friendly space where you will be able to find traditional products that will make the perfect present for your loved ones.

Small wooden handmade toys selling at Xmas Fair. Christmas market with traditional decorations close up. Holidays kiosk with festive gifts and souvenirs at city street

They sell homemade crafts like jewellery, ceramic pieces, accessories, fantastic decorations, illustrations, toys and games for children, and culinary delicacies that you won’t find anywhere else.

You can visit the Christmas Maker Fair at number 160, Splaiul Unirii street.

But go at the right time – it is only open for three days, between December 17th and 19th.

Classical Christmas Market

As you might have guessed thanks to its name, this fair is special among all the other Christmas markets in Bucharest.

Why? Because it’s organized by the opera, a group of Romanian singers based in Bucharest. 

The fair takes place between December 3rd and 31st and its main goal is to highlight Christmas-themed classical music.

Its location is the walkway in front of the Bucharest Opera House, which is very easy to reach and a truly beautiful sight; the Opera House in itself is a gorgeous, 19th century building.

Not only that but since this Christmas market is an outdoor one, it also has a skating arena right at the centre.

Around it, they have organized fairy tale settings, a stage for Christmas carols, concerts and children’s shows, and more.

The Classical Christmas Market also organizes the elves’ workshops for children, flights in Santa’s sleigh over the skating arena, rides in Santa’s train around the Market and, of course, traditional stalls which offer goodies and sweets.

Noel Christmas Market

Another fair organized at the historical Gabroveni Inn is the Noel Christmas Market. If you are on the lookout for designer Christmas gifts and are visiting Romania in winter, this is the place for you.

Named after the French word for Christmas, the Noel Market offers its visitors contemporary jewellery, fashion pieces that have been carefully curated, sustainable beauty products, as well as unique Christmas decorations.

Every piece sold at this Christmas market has the signature of a rigorously selected Romanian artist or creator.

The market takes place at the Gabroveni Inn and the entrance fee is 20 lei or roughly €4 or €3 if you buy online tickets.

It takes place on the 18th and 19th of December and children do not have free access.

Lavanda Christmas Fair

spa massage setting, product, oil on wooden background

The name translates from Romanian to the Lavender Christmas Fair and it’s organized in the Herastrau Park between December 16-19.

I’m sure you guessed it already, but the idea of this Christmas market is that it celebrates lavender and every magical aspect of this fragrant flower.

That is an astounding idea that surely sets the event apart from all the other Christmas markets in Bucharest and, perhaps, Europe.

At the fair, you will be able to sample and buy many Romanian products like lavender sweets, makeup, skincare infused with lavender, essential oils, floral waters, fresh bouquets of this wonderful flower, fancy decorations, and many other gifts for your loved ones. Or, why not, yourself?

The event is free of charge for all and also has workshops for children!

FamilyFest Island Christmas Market

This is one of the Christmas markets in Bucharest that will absolutely delight children.

As the name suggests, FamilyFest is full of kid-friendly activities.

It’s located on the Fundeni Island on Fundeni Lake and lasts between the 1st of December and the 25th.

The central attraction of this Christmas market is the fact that it houses the largest park of animatronic dinosaurs, which your little ones will adore.

You will as well, if you’re a fan of Jurassic Park! As a result, the Christmas market promises hours and hours of unforgettable fun activities. 

Vector illustration of cute dinosaur wearing a Santa hat and red scarf.

You can also do all your Christmas shopping here because it offers all the traditional stalls with goodies, decorations, and clothes. Or you can have lunch by the fragrant, open fires.

Best of all, there are no entrance fees. Parking is free of charge as well.

Arta’n’Dar Christmas Market

The name of this market translates to Art as a Gift, putting emphasis on just how important art is in all our lives and what a difference it can make when you gift it to a loved one for Christmas.

If this is your philosophy as well, choose this fair out of all the Christmas markets in Bucharest while you visit the city.

The market takes place between the 15th and 18th of December at La Maison de Confiance and is free of charge.

If you want to exhibit at the market or try to sell your own art, you can email them at [email protected]. If they accept you, the fee will be 400 lei or €80 for 4 days.

Exploratorium Christmas Market

Candy canes a favorite treat at Christmas time

Otherwise known as the Toy Factory, this Christmas market is one of the best kid-friendly holiday attractions.

Kids, parents, and grandparents are invited to delight in all the activities for children that this fair has organized just for them.

The Exploratorium has a skating arena, a roller coaster, a VR room, and even a flight simulator where anyone can experience their wildest dreams.

They also offer Christmas-themed workshops where you can learn how to make decorations for your Christmas tree or special jewellery for your loved ones.

Otherwise, if you just want to take it easy and enjoy the atmosphere, dive into some shopping or taste the mulled wine and variety of candy canes. 

The Exploratorium is open at number 11, Decebal Boulevard between the 27th of November and the 26th of December.

Are you ready to explore Christmas markets in Bucharest?

Decorated huge Christmas tree, lights, decorations, hot wine, hot chocolate, presents and people wandering at the Christmas market in Bucharest, Romania, 2019

There are plenty of things to do in Romania at Christmas, including Bran Castle, Peles Castle and various ski slopes.

But it’s worth spending a few days in Bucharest too, to simply check as many of these Christmas markets as you can.

Take into account where they are in relation to each other, whether you need to purchase online tickets before and which ones are most suitable for your group.

Don’t forget to take some cash to purchase goods from the stalls and food trucks and to wrap up in warm clothes! 

They all offer something different, be it a lavender theme, activities for families, designer items, a day at the opera, an incursion in the art world, lively carousel rides or a simple Christmas market that will fill your heart with joy.

As far as European cities go, Bucharest is magical at Christmas time, so if you’re coming here for your winter holidays you won’t be disappointed! 

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