Does it snow in Prague, Czechia? Winter weather guide

Prague down town center at winter Christmas time, classical view on snowy roofs in central part of city.

Does it snow in Prague? Yes, fairly frequently!

Snow’s by no means guaranteed in the winter any more, but you may well see it if you’re planning a winter trip to the Czech capital.

And Prague – a beautiful city any time of year – looks even more stunning underneath a frosty white blanket!

Here’s all you need to know about Prague snowfall.

Does it snow in Prague?

Prague, Czechia’s capital, has a continental climate. 

Snow in Prague is fairly common, but it is becoming rarer and the snow’s intensity and frequency can vary year by year. 

But when snow does fall, the picturesque city looks even more scenic! 

The winter months see varying degrees of snow, with January and February being the coldest – most likely to have snow cover. 

When does it snow in Prague?

Cityscape of Prague, Czech Republic. Beautiful baroque St. Nicolas Church in winter morning. UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Snow in Prague is a seasonal highlight; you’ll find it dusted throughout the city at various points during the winter months. 

But, if you’re planning a city break here in winter, it’s useful to know exactly what weather you can expect, when!

Here’s a month-by-month breakdown:

Does it snow in Prague in November?

In November, Prague starts to feel the winter chill, with the first snowflakes often making their appearance. 

But snow this early in the season is typically light and doesn’t accumulate much.

Does it snow in Prague in December?

December sees a more consistent snowfall, although in recent years it’s still been rarer to have snow than to have snow in Prague in December. 

But, you might just be in luck.

Prague has one of the best Christmas markets in Europe, and it looks especially magical underneath a coating of snow!

Does it snow in Prague in January?

January is right in the heart of Prague’s winter, and the snow’s usually at its heaviest. 

Snow during this month is more likely to stick around; but, of course, it’s never guaranteed. 

Does it snow in Prague in February?

Snow continues into February, although it gets less frequent later on in the month.

Of course, it’s never guaranteed, but colder temperatures can ensure that the snow stays longer.

Does it snow in Prague in March?

As spring approaches, March sees a gradual decrease in snowfall. 

While you might still encounter occasional snowy days, they are less frequent and less intense compared to the peak winter months.

By the end of the month, the weather begins to warm up considerably and there are usually some lovely sunny days!

Why does it snow in Prague? 

Old Town Square with Church of Our Lady before Tyn at christmas time in Prague, Czech Republic.

Snowfall in Prague can be attributed to its geographical location and climate.

Prague has a continental climate, which means that it sees cold winters and relatively warm summers. 

This climate type is typical for Central Europe, where Prague is situated.

During the winter months, cold air masses from the Arctic or Siberia often move into Central Europe, including Czechia.

These cold air masses meet moist air coming from the Atlantic, leading to the formation of snow clouds over the region. 

Prague’s topography, with its varied elevations and the Vltava River running through it, can influence local weather patterns, sometimes enhancing snow in specific areas. 

When has it snowed most in Prague?

It snowed quite a lot in Prague in January 2010. For four consecutive days, snow blanketed the city.

The highest accumulation was recorded in Kbely, where the snow depth reached an impressive 38 cm.

This was the most substantial snowfall Prague had seen since 1979.

This event stands out not just for the depth of the snow but also for the widespread coverage affecting the entire city.

Average winter weather in Prague

Here is a table showing the average winter weather in Prague:

MonthAverage High (°C/°F)Average Low (°C/°F)Days of Precipitation
November8°C / 46°F3°C / 37°F6
December4°C / 39°F0°C / 32°F5
January3°C / 37°F-1°C / 30°F5
February5°C / 41°F-3°C / 30°F4
March10°C / 50°F2°C / 37°F8

Tips for visiting Prague in the snow

Prague down town center at winter Christmas time, classical view on snowy roofs in central part of city.
  • Monitor Weather Updates: Keep up with the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute for accurate weather forecasts in Prague.
  • Use Public Transport: Navigate the city efficiently using Prague’s public transport. Plan your journey and get ticket information through the PID Lítačka app.
  • Navigate with Caution: Be careful on icy streets. Wear boots with good grip!
  • Explore Indoor Attractions: There are plenty of things to do in Prague in winter, including cultural landmarks like the National Museum or the Prague Castle.
  • Dress Appropriately: Layer up for the cold!

So, does it snow in Prague?

Yes, it certainly can snow in Prague – although it’s becoming less common than it was in the past.

Still, if you’re planning a winter trip to Czechia, don’t be surprised if you see some of the white stuff!

Check out my full snow in Europe page to see where you can expect guaranteed snow this season!

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