Vienna in November: 10 reasons to visit Austria’s capital


Vienna in November… when the streets are quiet but Christmas spirit starts filling the air and you can take in seasonal events at bargain prices. In this post, Vienna expert Sabrina details exactly WHY you should choose this month to visit Austria’s capital!

Statistically, November is one of the least popular months for travelers visiting Austria.

But take a flight to Vienna during this month, and you’ll understand why savvy travelers have been booking November stays in this city for decades.

From cheaper prices for accommodation to fewer crowds to the start of the famous festive markets, there are so many reasons why you might want to visit Vienna in November.

I have compiled a list of 10 great reasons that will make you want to visit Austria’s capital in this shoulder season. Let’s dive right in!

Reasons to visit Vienna in November

November is the quiet season in Vienna, which means less tourists and cheaper prices. It also means cool weather (unlike these warm November destinations).

But you’ll still find the magical Christmas markets, delicious street food and local festivals and events that only happen during this month of the year – here are all the reasons to visit Vienna in November!

Browse the Christmas markets

Vienna, Austria - December 03, 2019: Wooden kiosk with traditional homemade sweets and cookies on annual Christmas market held in different parts of the Vienna, Austria.

Viennese Christmas markets are some of the most magical places on earth – and are without a doubt among the best Christmas markets in Europe.

Typically around mid-November, the first small chalets set up camp all around Vienna and start to spread holiday cheer.

Vienna’s Christmas markets offer traditional arts and crafts, delicious street food, and beautiful
Christmas ornaments for sale.

Above all, you can sample your way through delicious hot mulled wine and fruit punch.

In the background you’ll be enchanted with traditional Christmas music, sometimes even performed live.

Vienna’s most impressive Christmas market is located in Town Hall square and usually opens its gates in mid-November.

Along with all the little chalets selling their authentic products, you can find an ice skating rink and a small amusement park.

Second only to the Christmas market in Schloss Schönbrunn, this is the biggest market in the city.

Expert travelers know that Vienna’s Christmas markets in November can offer a much better experience than in December, shortly before Christmas.

There are way fewer crowds and you can enjoy the surroundings much more.

Traditional christmas market in Vienna, Austria

The closer you get to Christmas, the more tourists visit the city and storm the beautiful little markets. And as they aren’t very spacious, this can lead to very crowded and less intimate experience!

So visit in November, and enjoy the same Christmas markets, but without the hundreds of other visitors.

Cheaper hotels


Another important reason to visit Vienna in November is the cheaper price of most hotels and accommodations.

Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year, so getting good deals can be a lot harder.

But there are no major school holidays anywhere in Europe during November, so you can expect fewer families and students.

This means cheaper hotel deals!

On average, a stay in a double room costs around EUR 120 in November.

In December, the average price of a double room in Vienna rises to EUR 149.

For a longer stay of a few nights, this can really make a big difference to your vacation budget.

December is without a doubt the most expensive time to visit Vienna.

By going in November you can enjoy all the great perks of the Christmas season without having to pay so much for it!

Additionally, the hotels are not only a lot cheaper but you’ll also likely be able to get your first choice, due to the increased availability.

Fewer crowds


I think the biggest reason to visit Vienna in November is that there are fewer crowds.

I cannot stress enough how much more you can enjoy the beautiful city if you are not surrounded by masses of people.

Most of the beautiful Christmas markets in Vienna offer very little space for you to enjoy your drinks
and the atmosphere. They get crowded easily.

By visiting Vienna in November you can enjoy the markets before most tourists come to the city.

Even if you are not visiting Vienna for the Christmas markets, you will find the city more enjoyable outside shoulder season. Museums, concerts, shopping centers, and historical buildings usually have limited capacities – and in December they reach it all.

Making reservations for restaurants, day trips, and excursions is a lot easier in November because
there is a lot less demand.

Vienna is a city with lots of cultural and historical highlights – things you want to enjoy in peace without too much noise and disruptions!

Good temperatures

November is a great month to visit Vienna because the temperatures are extremely mild and stable.
On average, the daily temperatures in November are hovering around 9°C/ 48°F.

Winter has not yet reached the city and there are only very few rainy days – on average, only eight. Snow is pretty rare in Vienna, and especially in November, you have a good chance of staying dry.

In December and January, it gets much colder in Vienna. Temperatures hover around the 0°C/ 32°F mark. At this point, exploring the city is not as much fun anymore!

On windy days, the temperatures feel even colder, and going outside can be challenging without good clothes.

In some years you can even experience extremely mild temperatures at the beginning of November in Austria. Temperatures around 18°C/ 65°F can be expected at the beginning of the month.


Festivals and fairs

November is an extremely busy month in Vienna regarding fairs, festivals, and exhibitions. Before the busy Christmas season, there is a lot of culture and tradition to experience.


Fesch’markt is an exhibition featuring designers, artists, creatives, and chefs.

People present their arts and crafts and visitors can sample their way through the market.

Craft Beer Fest

Another very popular fair in Vienna in November is the Craft Beer fest.

Breweries and other salespeople present their best beer products at this fair. This is a great way to check out a big part of the Austrian culinary culture.

The Wien Modern Art Festival

The Wien Modern Festival is the biggest festival for contemporary art and music. It is usually hosted in November in different locations. You can check out many different, special concerts during that period.

Vienna Art Week

Lastly, Vienna Art Week is usually held in November.

Over 70 different organizations come together for this event every year. They offer inspiring art from the Baroque to the present times.

And admission is free!


Vienna ball season

Anyone looking for something really special and out of the ordinary to do on their trip to Vienna will love the Austrian balls.

Vienna ball season starts typically at the beginning of November. Every year, almost 450 different balls take place in Vienna, and in each of them, the Waltz is the most beloved dance.

Almost every profession has its own ball – there is a hunter’s ball and even a coffeehouse ball!

The ball of the Viennese Chimney Sweeps is typically the first ball of the season. It is usually held at the beginning of November.

Most balls are held at the Imperial Palace. Some others are held at the Vienna State Opera (the famous Opernball) or at the Vienna City Hall.

The Viennese balls can usually be visited by everyone.

Tickets are available for sale online (usually on the homepage of the organization throwing the ball) or right upon entry.

For the most famous balls, like the Vienna Opera ball, tickets are much harder to come by and a lot more expensive. Make sure to be dressed appropriately, otherwise, they might refuse you to enter.

So what kind of clothes do people usually wear to Viennese balls?

Younger girls typically wear short ballroom dresses with lots of glitter and frills. Women usually are expected to wear full-length evening gowns.

Some of these are more exclusive than others, but one thing is for sure – Austrian balls are always a blast!

Day trips are available at a bargain

Once you’ve seen all of the best attractions in Vienna, head out the city to see some of Austria’s other highlights!

Austria has lots of beautiful places to offer, and most of them are ideal for a day trip in November.

Visit Hallstatt

Hallstat, a charming town in Austria with a lake, mountains and a church

The most famous place to visit in Austria besides Vienna is without a doubt Hallstatt.

The small village is located on lake Hallstatt in the Salzkammergut-Dachstein region.

It is recognized as a UNESCO world heritage site and attracts millions of visitors each year. It takes about three hours to travel from Vienna to Hallstatt, and many companies offer the trip for a bargain outside of the main season.

As the city of Hallstatt is so popular, it’s usually completely crowded during summer and Christmas.

But you can visit in November to see the beautiful village and the stunning view from the viewing platform without other people disrupting you.

Visit Styria

View of the city of Graz, which is the capital of the Styria region of Austria, with a telescope in the foreground and a range of houses int the background.

Another great place to visit on a day trip from Vienna in November is Styria.

This Austrian state is famous for stunning mountains, beautiful lakes and amazing spas.

You can also find incredible wineries here!

Make sure to visit Graz, the capital city of Styria. Here, there’s a beautiful, medieval town square and an impressive clock tower.

Street food

Every year in fall, small stalls open up around the entire city of Vienna offering delicious street food to keep tourists warm. One of my favorite street foods in Vienna is Maroni (roasted chestnuts).

Most of the stalls will open on the 1st of November at the latest. This is because 1st November is a national holiday in Austria (Allerheiligen), devoted to paying respects to dead saints.

The day after Allerheiligen is called Allerseelen and is all about paying respects to dead beloved ones.

There is a tradition for many Austrians to visit the graveyard, light a candle and eat some chestnuts on their way out.

But don’t worry if you’re visiting later in November – the stands stay open for the month and you can find them everywhere in the city!

Roasted chestnuts are by far the best street food you can eat in Vienna in November. However, there are plenty of other options available.

Raclette bread (molten cheese), stuffed potatoes, and Langos (fried bread) are a few examples of the delicious treats you can find all over the city.

If you aren’t a big fan of street food, I suggest sitting down in one of the many fabulous restaurants and trying typical pumpkin soup with pumpkin seed oil.

This is a traditional Austrian dish only eaten at the end of fall.

Fall foliage

Fall foliage in Vienna is especially beautiful – and you can usually still see it if you visit Vienna in November.

Vienna has plenty of beautiful, sizeable parks that transform completely at the end of the summer each year, staying red and orange throughout October and November.

The most beautiful parks to see the fall foliage in November are:

  • Stadtpark
  • Augarten
  • Schönbrunn castle and gardens
  • the Botanical Gardens of the Belvedere Palace.

Hills with an amazing view over Vienna and its the vineyards border the city; hiking up one of these is a worthwhile attraction in November!

My favourite is Nussberg which offers an amazing view of the Skyline of Vienna.

Wine season

Fall is wine season in Austria – and you can still sample some of the delicious beverages in November. There is no better place to sample it than Vienna!

Special wine bars called Heurige and wine inns exclusively open their doors at the end of fall. As a wine lover, this is one of the biggest reasons to visit Vienna in November for me!

Want more wine? Right outside the city of Vienna, you’ll find some amazing vineyards.

Visit Kahlenberg, Nussberg, Bisamberg, and Mauer – can even participate on a wine walk at some of these locations!

In the middle of November, usually on Saint Martins’s day, the Junker is presented in Austria; which is a wine made from early-harvested grapes. Don’t miss trying this if you get the chance!

Is Vienna worth visiting in November?

Yes, Vienna is definitely worth visiting in November!

Throughout this month, you can enjoy all the delights of a winter city break during the Christmas season without having to pay steep prices.

Plus, the city is quieter and the temperatures are much milder than in December.

And that’s even before thinking about Austria’s beautiful November traditions, like the wine harvest and various November festivals!

So book a trip to Vienna in November – you won’t regret it!

Sabrina is a passionate travel blogger and content creator. Her blog,, focuses on Slow & Luxury travel. She aims to inspire people to explore the world more mindfully! 

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