When does it snow in Krakow, Poland?

Krakow, Poland - January 14, 2021: Historic royal Wawel Castle and Cathedral in winter with white snow, walking people and promenade.

When does it snow in Krakow in Poland?

Poland’s second city, Krakow isn’t too far from Poland’s Tatra Mountains.

That, and its continental climate with a fairly northern location means that snow is pretty common throughout the winter.

But just how much can you expect, and is it guaranteed?

We’re going into it all in this blog post!

Does it snow in Krakow?

Krakow city center old Town at winter aerial view. Globe tower on Basztowa street, Pod Globusem, and St. Mary's Basilica and Town Hall Tower and Wawel Castle on background.

Yes, it does snow in Krakow!

Winters in this Polish city see fairly consistent snowfall, particularly from December through February.

Compared to other Polish cities like Warsaw or Wrocław, Krakow experiences a somewhat milder winter, although snowfall is still a common occurrence.

The city averages about 20-25 snowy days per winter season.

Accumulations tend to vary but can reach up to 20 cm at the peak of the season.

If you’re expecting a winter wonderland, Krakow rarely disappoints, but snowfall is not as heavy as you’d find in Poland’s mountainous southern regions.

When does it snow in Krakow?

Krakow, Poland - November 29, 2019: Christmas tree on the old town market square in Krakow, Poland. Shining festive Christmas markets. Night panorama of old city decorated with bulbs

Snowfall in Krakow is most prevalent during the winter months, spanning from late November to early March.

However, the frequency and accumulation of snow vary by month.

Below is a breakdown of what to expect for snowfall in Krakow during each winter month.

Does it snow in Krakow in November?

November marks the beginning of the snowy season in Poland, particularly in Krakow.

However, snowfall is typically sparse this month, with an occasional light snow shower.

Don’t expect any significant accumulations, but do be prepared for colder temperatures.

Does it snow in Krakow in December?

By December, snowfall becomes more consistent.

It’s a month where you’ll likely see several snowy days, often accompanied by frost and icy conditions.

You can expect around 6 to 9 days of snow on average, with accumulations potentially reaching up to 15 cm in some cases.

Does it snow in Krakow in January?

January is the peak of the winter season in Krakow, with the highest probability of consistent snowfall.

Expect around 10 to 12 days of snow in January, with possible accumulations of 15 to 20 cm.

This is also the coldest month, so dressing warmly is essential!

Does it snow in Krakow in February?

February maintains a wintery chill and frequent snowfall, although it’s usually less than what you’d experience in January.

On average, you can anticipate 7 to 10 days of snowfall, with accumulations generally not exceeding 15 cm.

Does it snow in Krakow in March?

As winter starts to wane, so does the frequency of snowfall.

March sees a decline in snowy days, often down to about 4 to 6 days for the entire month.

Any snow that does fall is usually lighter, with accumulations not exceeding 10 cm.

Why does it snow in Krakow?

Krakow’s climate and geographical features contribute significantly to its snowfall.

Krakow sits around 50 degrees north latitude, subjecting it to a temperate climate with cold winters.

The city’s winter temperature frequently dips below freezing, providing ample opportunity for snowfall.

It’s also far from the moderating influence of any ocean, which means that it can experience substantial temperature swings.

While Krakow is not directly within a mountainous region, its proximity to the Carpathian Mountains does play a role in its weather.

Cold air masses trapped by these natural barriers contribute to the cooler temperatures and precipitation, including snow, during the winter.

Krakow’s Climate in Numbers

Below’s a table that will demonstrate why snow is common in the winter months in Krakow!

MonthAverage High TemperatureAverage Low TemperatureDays of Snow
November7°C (44.6°F)0°C (32°F)8 days
December3°C (37.4°F)-4°C (24.8°F)8 days
January1°C (33.8°F)-6°C (21.2°F)9 days
February3°C (37.4°F)-5°C (23°F)6 days
March8°C (46.4°F)-1°C (30.2°F)7 days

Closest Skiing to Krakow

Aerial landscape with tatra mountains and Zakopane, winter scenery of Giewont Peak.

Craving some time on the slopes? You’re in luck.

There are several ski resorts within a reasonable distance of Krakow, and most of them are easily accessible by either car or public transport.


Zakopane lies about 110 km or 68 miles away from Krakow.

You can get there with a straightforward two-hour drive on the A4 and Zakopianka Road.

Buses are also available from the main bus station in Krakow.

Zakopane is renowned for its diverse range of slopes that cater to all skill levels, from beginners to seasoned professionals.


Szczyrk is another excellent option, situated approximately 135 km or 83.9 miles from Krakow.

It’s a two-and-a-half-hour drive via the DK52 road, or you can opt for a direct bus from Krakow.

Szczyrk stands out for its modern facilities and slopes that accommodate both beginners and advanced skiers.


At around 150 km or 93 miles from Krakow, Krynica-Zdrój is accessible via a three-hour drive on the A4 and DK75 roads.

Alternatively, a longer bus ride from Krakow will also take you there. The resort at Jaworzyna Krynicka in Krynica-Zdrój is ideal for those looking for a mix of intermediate and advanced slopes.


Located about 130 km or 80.7 miles from Krakow, Wisła can be reached by a two-hour drive using the S1 and DK1 roads.

Direct buses from Krakow are also available. The town offers a variety of slopes tailored to suit various skill levels, making it another convenient option for your winter escapade.

Tips for visiting Krakow in the Snow

Aerial Krakow cityscape at winter

Navigating Krakow’s charming streets and landmarks in the snow is wonderful, but it can come with its own set of challenges!

Here are some guidelines and resources to make your winter visit a breeze.

Check the weather

Keep an eye on the weather forecast using reliable websites like the Polish Institute of Meteorology and Water Management.

They provide up-to-date information on snowfall, temperature, and other weather conditions.

Footwear and clothing

Snow and ice can make walking treacherous.

Prioritize footwear with good traction to avoid slips and falls.

Layer your clothing to keep warm but be prepared to shed some layers when going indoors; many places keep their indoor heating high!

Getting around

Public transport usually remains operational during snow, but delays are common!

Use the Jakdojade app to track real-time public transport data.

If you’re driving, make sure your car is winter-ready with snow tires and an emergency kit.

Avoid slippery spots

Some older streets in Krakow can get icy quickly.

Use your phone’s map to plan a route that sticks to main roads, which are more likely to have been cleared or salted.

Open attractions

Some outdoor attractions might be closed or have limited access due to snow.

Always check the attraction’s official website or contact them directly for the most accurate information.

Emergency contacts

Keep a list of emergency numbers, including the local emergency services and perhaps the number of your country’s embassy, just in case.

FAQs about Krakow snow

Market square of former Polish capital city, Krakow, Poland

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about Krakow in the snow!

Does it snow in Kraków?

Yes, Kraków experiences snowfall, particularly from late November through March.

The city typically has a colder climate compared to other places in Poland, making it more likely to experience snow.

Is there snow in Kraków in December?

December usually brings snowfall in Kraków, with average low temperatures dropping to -4°C.

The city looks particularly charming under a blanket of snow, making it a popular month for tourists seeking a winter experience.

Is there snow in Poland in December?

Yes, snow is common in Poland during December, particularly in the northern and mountainous regions.

Cities like Warsaw and Gdansk also often experience snowfall during this month.

Is Kraków snowy in January?

January is one of the coldest and snowiest months in Kraków, with average low temperatures reaching -6°C.

Snow cover is more likely during this month.

What is Kraków like at Christmas?

Kraków is magical during Christmas, with festive decorations, a Christmas market in the main square, and seasonal events.

Snow often enhances the city’s charm, making it a popular holiday destination.

How cold is Kraków at Christmas?

Kraków experiences cold temperatures during Christmas, often around -4°C to 3°C.

Snowfall is common, adding to the festive atmosphere.

Is Christmas a good time to visit Krakow?

Christmas is a great time to visit Kraków if you enjoy festive events, seasonal decorations, and the potential for snow.

However, some tourist attractions may be closed or have limited hours.

Is December a good time to go to Krakow?

December is a good time for those who enjoy winter activities and festive atmospheres.

The city is alive with Christmas decorations and markets, although it will be cold and likely snowy.

What is the coldest month in Krakow?

January is typically the coldest month in Kraków, with average low temperatures reaching down to -6°C.

It’s also a month with a high likelihood of snow, so come prepared for cold weather.

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