Poland in winter: 15 epic places to visit & guide for 2023/4

Aerial landscape with tatra mountains and Zakopane, winter scenery of Giewont Peak.

Are you planning a trip to Poland in winter?

With over a thousand years of incredible history and traditions, delicious food, beautiful national parks, and amazing scenery, Poland is every traveller’s dream. 

But how about a winter holiday in Poland?

It might sound chilly, but Poland could surprise you. In fact, with exceptional ski slopes and festive Polish cities, the country is famous for being a perfect winter destination!

I’ve been to Poland a few times – I have friends living there – and especially love it in the winter months.

So why, and what’s there to do here when the barometer dips? Let’s take a look!

In this article, we will detail the best places to visit in Poland in the winter, what to eat, how to get around, details of the weather and a full packing list.

Table of Contents

Poland in winter: What’s it like?

Winter in Poland – it’s an unconventional choice, but trust me, it’s worth a try!

In this Central European country, you’ll see castles turned into snow fortresses and the Vistula River frozen in time.

Upon landing in Warsaw, explore the Old Town, where cobbled streets and historic architecture give you a hearty welcome to Polish culture.

Then there’s the medieval charm of Krakow. Dive into Wawel Castle – in the winter you’ll be able to really take it in. You’ll find centuries of history etched into its walls!

Hungry for more than history? Head straight to the Christmas markets, which run from the end of October to the start of January.

Krakow and Warsaw offer these in abundance.

Think hot mulled wine, sizzling pierogi, and crafts that scream authentic Poland!

We can’t forget Zakopane in the southern region, practically synonymous with winter sports.

Skiing, snowboarding—you name it, they’ve got it – even thermal baths to warm up in after a day on the slopes!

Fancy some wine? Take a detour to the wine cellars of Zielona Góra.

Yes, Poland makes wine, and it’s a well-kept secret.

The cold climate nurtures grapes that produce distinct flavours.

Don’t miss Gdansk, just a stone’s throw from the Baltic Sea. The Long Market is a feast for the eyes, lined with colourful buildings and sprinkled with cafes.

It’s an easy stroll, perfect for sipping hot cocoa and relishing in winter’s charms!

What is the weather like in Poland in winter? 

Beautiful sunset over the Main Town in Gdansk city, Poland

Winter temperatures in Poland can vary from around 7°C to -6°C – or much lower in the mountains.

Like other countries in Central and Eastern Europe (read my Romania guide here!), Polish winter used to be exceptionally cold – but nowadays there’s a lot less snow. 

Here’s a month-by-month breakdown – but remember that each destination can be different depending on where it is in the country and its altitude. 

  • Poland in November: The weather transitions from Autumn to Winter sometime in November.  You’ll experience highs of around 8°C and lows of around -2°C in most parts of the country. It’s colder in the mountains, but ski season doesn’t start until December. 
  • Poland in December: Temperatures go down to around freezing and maybe a bit below, especially in the mountains. There’s plenty of snow in the mountains now, and the ski season begins. 
  • Poland in January: This is one of the coldest months in Poland. Weather conditions are a high of around just 3°C in the warmest parts of the country, and they dip below freezing most days. This is peak season for skiing and it’s fairly easy to find snow! 
  • Poland in February: The start of the month is also very cold, with great skiing and plenty of snow. However, it can be warmer with pleasant weather in the cities and lowland areas, especially toward the end of the month. 
  • Cold weather can last until March or even April. 

None of these months necessarily have bad weather conditions, but it can be chilly, snowy or rainy.

Provided you’re prepared for the Polish weather with winter clothes and enjoy indoor attractions when necessary, you’ll have a great time! 

Places to visit in Poland in winter

There are so many exceptional places to visit in Poland in winter! I recommend starting in the cities – Wrocław and Warsaw are my favourites – but then heading out to see some nature. Poland has excellent skiing, and you can even go winter hiking in parts!

1. Wrocław

Poland. View of Wroclaw

Wrocław is one of the most popular destinations for your winter holiday in Poland.

The charming city has splendid Christmas markets, a glorious Old Town, vibrant architecture and energetic city life.

It’s an architectural city, so there are lots of buildings to admire as you walk around.

With a variety of museums, cafes and other places worth visiting, there’s never a dull moment in this city. 

The Old Town of Wroclaw is a mesmerizing place, and in winter it looks even more lovely. 

It’s decorated with a huge Christmas tree and has countless Christmas markets and lights, making it the perfect spot to take pictures.

Throughout the city, you’ll notice the little statues of dwarves – these originate from a symbol of resistance in the age of communism.

Best things to do in Wrocław in winter

  • Glide on ice at Wroclaw’s Ice Rink.
  • Uncover festive treasures in Wroclaw’s Market Square.
  • Wander the lantern-lit Cathedral Island.
  • Marvel at the miniature world inside Kolejkowo.
  • Explore the artistic wonders of The National Museum in Wroclaw.
  • Feel the festive spirit at Wroclaw Christmas Market.

Weather in Wrocław in winter

MonthAverage High TemperatureAverage Low TemperatureDays of Rain/Snow
November8°C (46°F)0°C (32°F)7 days
December4°C (39°F)-3°C (27°F)7 days
January3°C (37°F)-5°C (23°F)6 days
February4°C (39°F)-4°C (25°F)6 days
March9°C (48°F)-1°C (30°F)6 days

2. Kraków

Old city center view with Adam Mickiewicz monument, St. Mary's Basilica and birds flying in Krakow on the morning

Dating back to the 7th century, the former capital of Poland is a famous city that has been the centre of cultural, political, and economic life in the country for decades. 

Even today this southern Poland city is known to be one of the most important metropolitan areas in Europe, and it’s one of the most popular city breaks on the continent.

Krakow’s Old Town is a remarkable repository full of artworks and historical relics. Each year, around 100 prestigious festivals and cultural events happen here.

On cold winter days, you can explore the cosy interiors of Wawel Castle, art exhibits of the National Museum, or the Wieliczka Salt Mine.

If you prefer outdoor activities, the main Market Square in the city centre is a good choice with many restaurants, shops, stands and events, all of which stay open in winter. There is also lively nightlife around the town centre. 

It often snows in Krakow in the winter (thanks to its proximity to the mountains), but the snowflakes only add another layer of allure to the city.

A sombre day trip from Krakow is Auschwitz. This is open throughout the winter.

Of course, this is a devastating and harrowing place, but it’s an important site to visit to learn about the horrors that happened in the Holocaust (which greatly affected Poland) and to pay respects to the victims. 

You can read all you need to know about visiting Krakow in winter here.

Best things to do in Kraków in winter

  • Experience the atmosphere of Wawel Castle
  • Marvel at festive displays in Main Market Square
  • Traverse the historic streets of Kazimierz
  • Sip on mulled wine at the Krakow Christmas Market
  • Explore Oskar Schindler’s Factory Museum
  • Attend a classical concert at St. Peter and St. Paul’s Church
  • Take a day trip to the Wieliczka Salt Mine

Weather in Kraków in winter

MonthAverage High TemperatureAverage Low TemperatureDays of Rain/Snow
November7°C (45°F)0°C (32°F)8 days
December3°C (37°F)-4°C (25°F)8 days
January1°C (34°F)-6°C (21°F)9 days
February3°C (37°F)-5°C (23°F)6 days
March8°C (46°F)-1°C (30°F)7 days

3. Warsaw

Image of Old Town Warsaw, Poland during sunset.

The capital and largest city of Poland is impressive during all seasons, yet in winter this big city gains a unique charm.

After World War II, more than 90% of the whole city was razored to the ground. However, it was rebuilt in the latter part of the 20th century.

In today’s Warsaw, you could never tell that the city had been destroyed.

Historical streets, buildings, and churches have been restored to their former glory that we can admire today.

There are many places to see while in Warsaw.

The Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage site, with the Palace of Culture and Science, Łazienkowski Park and the Royal Castle. Families with children will love the Copernicus Science Centre!

You can take a walk through this beautifully illuminated city and also visit one of the numerous museums, such as the Jewish Museum or Warsaw Uprising Museum.

It sometimes snows here, although it has been doing so less in recent years.

However, the markets remain festive, and you could even take a spin on one of the ice skating rinks, which open from November!

Check out my full guide to Warsaw in winter by clicking here!

Best things to do in Warsaw in winter

  • Soak in the magical illuminations at Wilanów Palace
  • Glide across the ice at Old Town Square’s open-air rink
  • Ignite your curiosity at the Copernicus Science Centre
  • Wander through Łazienki Park, especially beautiful with a dusting of snow
  • Admire art at the National Museum
  • Explore Warsaw Uprising Museum for a deep dive into history
  • Attend a performance at the Teatr Wielki, Warsaw’s grand opera house

Weather in Warsaw in winter

MonthAverage High TemperatureAverage Low TemperatureDays of Rain/Snow
November6°C (43°F)0°C (32°F)7 days
December2°C (36°F)-4°C (25°F)8 days
January1°C (34°F)-5°C (23°F)7 days
February2°C (36°F)-5°C (23°F)5 days
March7°C (45°F)-1°C (30°F)6 days

4. Karpacz

Winter city among the forest in the mountains. View of the winter landscape from a drone. Karpacz. Poland

Karpacz is one of the most charming towns in the Polish mountains.

In the cooler months, it’s a winter wonderland. Situated in the Karkonosze Mountains – an alternative resort to the Alps – the number of visitors is increasing each year.

Travellers are mainly attracted to Karpacz by its spectacular mountain views, especially of the highest peak, Śnieżka.

There are so many things to do in Karpacz in winter.

It’s one of the best places to ski in Poland and has lots of tourist trails, museums, exhibitions, swimming pools, spas, bowling alleys, discos, restaurants and stylish cafes. 

Do you prefer sportier activities? Karpacz offers slopes for skiing, jumps, snowshoe hiking, sleigh riding and indoor ice rinks!

Things to do in Karpacz in winter

  • Embark on a winter hike to the stunning Śnieżka Mountain
  • Enjoy skiing or snowboarding at the Kopa Ski Resort
  • Unwind at the Karpacz Spa
  • Visit the unique wooden Wang Church
  • Experience the wonder of the Winter Polana

Weather in Karpacz in winter

MonthAverage High TemperatureAverage Low Temperature
November5°C (41°F)0°C (32°F)
December3°C (37°F)-2°C (28°F)
January1°C (34°F)-4°C (25°F)
February1°C (34°F)-4°C (25°F)
March3°C (37°F)-2°C (28°F)

5. Tatra Mountains

Wonderful sunrise at Czarny Staw Gasienicowy in summer, Tatras

The Tatra Mountains are the Polish alpine elite.

Perfect for thrill-seekers, this national park encompasses peaks that scrape the sky, air so clean it sparkles, and nature that’s perfectly untouched, despite the three million visitors that visit here annually.

Travelling’s a breeze, despite the rural nature – there are plenty of amenities including restaurants and hotels.

But once you step outdoors, adventure awaits with 300 km of hiking trails, zippy chairlifts, and ski resorts that basically roll out the white carpet for you.

Scale the Giewont massif or hoof it to Morskie Oko Lake.

This is the park’s largest lake, and it’s home to one of Poland’s best winter vistas. Sometimes, people even don ice skates and turn Morskie Oko into a winter rink!

Things to do in the Tatra Mountains in winter

  • Go skiing or snowboarding at Zakopane
  • Test your endurance with winter hiking at Morskie Oko
  • Visit the ice chapel at Giewont Mountain
  • Go ice climbing in Dolina Małej Łąki
  • Try snowshoeing through Dolina Kościeliska

Weather in the Tatra Mountains in winter

MonthAverage High TemperatureAverage Low Temperature
November0°C (32°F)-5°C (23°F)
December-3°C (27°F)-8°C (18°F)
January-4°C (25°F)-9°C (16°F)
February-4°C (25°F)-9°C (16°F)
March-2°C (28°F)-7°C (19°F)

6. Białowieża Forest

Belarussian Aurochs Or Bison Bonasus. Great European Brown Bison ( Wisent ), One Of The Zoological Attraction Of Bialowieza Forest, Belarus. Lonely Endangered Wild Bull During A Snowfall.Let It Snow

If you’re interested in Polish forests, this is one of the best to visit!

Białowieża Forest is Europe’s last true wilderness.

It’s the continent’s largest unspoiled forest and even in winter, this forest bursts with life, both flora and fauna putting on a seasonal show.

UNESCO stamped it a World Heritage Site for a reason!

Not a crowd person? Perfect. This forest is your winter hideout, offering seclusion with a dash of raw nature. It has some of Poland’s most impressive ecosystems, and hiking here is an immersion into a living museum of biodiversity.

With on-site reserves, you can get right up close to these eco-systems – although I would recommend booking a pro guide to delve deep into this pristine world.

You can browse guided tours of the forest by clicking this link.

Plus, this is one of the best places in the world to spot European Bison! 

Things to do in the Białowieża Forest in winter

  • Discover the ancient trees on a guided winter walk
  • Enjoy cross-country skiing through pristine forest trails
  • Visit the iconic European Bison Show Reserve
  • Spot winter birds at Białowieża National Park
  • Try snowshoeing for a unique winter experience

Weather in the Białowieża Forest in winter

MonthAverage High TemperatureAverage Low Temperature
November4°C (39°F)0°C (32°F)
December1°C (34°F)-4°C (25°F)
January-1°C (30°F)-5°C (23°F)
February0°C (32°F)-5°C (23°F)
March5°C (41°F)-2°C (28°F)

7. Zakopane

Tatra mountain landscape of zakopane with wooden cottages. Panoramic beautiful winter inspirational landscape view.

Zakopane wears the crown as Poland’s Winter Capital for a reason.

Skiing and snowboarding? Say no more.

The town’s prime position at the base of the Tatra Mountains provides instant access to slopes that cater to both newbies and pros.

Kasprowy Wierch and Nosal are just two of the must-visit ski resorts that turn powder into playgrounds!

Yet, snow sports are only the tip of the iceberg, and Zakopane has plenty to offer non-skiiers too.

Take a soak in the thermal baths at Chochołowskie Termy or explore the snow-covered Krupówki Street.

Don’t miss learning about the rich Goral culture—expressed through traditional music and dance.

And let’s talk food. Oscypek cheese, smoked and grilled right before your eyes, is one of the best things to eat in town.

Here’s my full guide to visiting Zakopane in winter.

Things to do in Zakopane in winter

  • Hit the slopes at Kasprowy Wierch Ski Resort
  • Soak in the outdoor thermal baths at Chochołowskie Termy
  • Discover local Goral culture through traditional music and dance
  • Savor freshly grilled Oscypek cheese at Krupówki Street

Weather in Zakopane in winter

MonthAverage High TemperatureAverage Low TemperatureDays of Rain/Snow
November6°C (43°F)-2°C (28°F)6 days
December2°C (36°F)-5°C (23°F)6 days
January1°C (34°F)-7°C (19°F)5 days
February2°C (36°F)-6°C (21°F)5 days
March6°C (43°F)-3°C (27°F)6 days

8. Wisła

Wisła sits right at the Czech border and isn’t far from Slovakia either. This small town transforms into a tourist hotspot during winter.

It’s a haven for sport and recreation enthusiasts.

Front and center is the Ski Jump complex “Centrum,” featuring not one, but three ski jump hills, including the Adam Małysz ski jump.

Ready to hit the slopes? Choose from 16 ski lifts and 15 km of runs that cater to various skill levels.

And if skiing isn’t your thing, don’t sweat it. Over 100 km of hiking trails surround the town, just waiting for you to explore.

Things to do in Wisła in winter

  • Visit the multifaceted Ski Jump complex “Centrum”
  • Navigate the slopes using the 16 ski lifts and 15 km of ski trails
  • Take a winter hike among 100 km of available trails

Weather in Wisła in winter

MonthAverage High TemperatureAverage Low Temperature
November7°C (45°F)1°C (34°F)
December3°C (37°F)-3°C (27°F)
January2°C (36°F)-4°C (25°F)
February3°C (37°F)-3°C (27°F)
March8°C (46°F)0°C (32°F)

9. Ustroń

Ustroń’s a wellness retreat that borders Wisła.

This unique spot holds the distinction of being the area’s only official spa town.

Health-focused amenities? They’ve got it covered. Spa centers, salt grottos, and mineral water pools set the scene for ultimate relaxation. The thermal bath alone is a rejuvenation station.

But wellness isn’t the only card Ustroń has up its sleeve.

Adventure seekers can dive into a range of mountain activities and skiing.

Walking trails and cross-country routes add an extra layer of winter fun for all.

Whether you’re in it for the self-care or snow sports, Ustroń has plenty of options!

Things to do in Ustroń in winter

  • Rejuvenate at one of the mineral water swimming pools
  • Ski or engage in mountain activities at Ustroń Ski Resort
  • Immerse yourself in relaxation at the thermal baths

Weather in Ustroń in winter

MonthAverage High TemperatureAverage Low Temperature
November5°C (41°F)1°C (34°F)
December2°C (36°F)-2°C (28°F)
January1°C (34°F)-4°C (25°F)
February1°C (34°F)-4°C (25°F)
March6°C (43°F)-1°C (30°F)

10. Trójmiasto 

Beautiful sunset over the Main Town in Gdansk city.

Think the Baltic Sea is a summer-only affair? Think again!

Winter brings a new vibe to the Trójmiasto area on Poland’s northern coast, uniting Gdańsk, Gdynia, and Sopot.

Heightened iodine levels in the air make this a wellness hotspot when the temperature dips.

Each city presents its own appeal—Gdańsk’s quieter, history-rich Old Town, Gdynia’s ports, and Sopot’s resort vibes.

Recently, winter swimming in the Baltic Sea has gained traction, promising various health perks.

Warning: The sea is as Baltic as it gets, so this frosty plunge is for the daring only!

Check out my full guide to visiting Gdańsk in winter by clicking here!

Things to do in Trójmiasto in winter

  • Dive into winter swimming in the Baltic Sea
  • Stroll the snowy, lantern-lit Old Town of Gdańsk
  • Discover the marine heritage at Gdynia Maritime Museum
  • Enjoy Sopot’s shoreline, even under a blanket of snow
  • Explore the Tricity Landscape Park for a winter walk

Weather in Trójmiasto in winter

MonthAverage High TemperatureAverage Low Temperature
November5°C (41°F)1°C (34°F)
December2°C (36°F)-2°C (28°F)
January1°C (34°F)-4°C (25°F)
February1°C (34°F)-4°C (25°F)
March6°C (43°F)-1°C (30°F)

11. Szklarska Poręba

Szklarska Poręba: where the Izera Mountains greet the Karkonosze Mountains, setting up a wintry playground for adrenaline junkies.

Skiing, rock climbing, Nordic walking—this town is a hub for all things active.

From lodging to local eateries, the town’s got you covered.

When you’re not shredding slopes or climbing rocks, check out Kamienczyk—the largest waterfall in town—or the stunning Szklarski Waterfall.

Things to do in Szklarska Poręba in winter

  • Ski down the hills in the Izera Mountains
  • Visit Kamienczyk, the town’s largest waterfall
  • Engage in winter sports or hiking along various outdoor trails
  • Marvel at winter landscapes on the Szklarka hiking trail
  • Unwind in cozy mountain lodges after a day outdoors

Weather in Szklarska Poręba in winter

MonthAverage High TemperatureAverage Low TemperatureDays of Rain/Snow
November5°C (41°F)0°C (32°F)10 days
December3°C (37°F)-2°C (28°F)12 days
January1°C (34°F)-4°C (25°F)12 days
February1°C (34°F)-4°C (25°F)9 days
March3°C (37°F)-2°C (28°F)9 days

12. Krynica Zdrój

Gondola Lift on Jaworzyna Krynicka Mountain in autumn. Krynica-Zdroj, Poland.

Krynica Zdrój packs a punch as one of Poland’s largest and most modern ski resorts.

Snowsports tradition runs deep here, so whether you’re a skiing savant or a first-timer, the slopes welcome all levels.

But don’t think this place is all about downhill thrills.

The town features eye-catching architecture and museums that beg for a stroll, while snow-draped trees on Parkowa Mountain offer a tranquil backdrop for a wintry walk.

For the night owls, ski down Poland’s longest illuminated trail.

Need more? The pedestrian-friendly heart of Krynica, the invigorating Spa Park, the nature-rich Słowiński Park, and the picturesque Czarny Potok valley are all on the must-see list.

Accommodation? Over 13,000 options range from cozy holiday houses and pensions to upscale hotels, so you can rest easy after a day of adventure.

Things to do in Krynica Zdrój in winter

  • Ski on Poland’s longest illuminated skiing trail
  • Recharge in the mineral-rich waters of Spa Park
  • Stroll through the pedestrian-friendly center of Krynica and stop by the many winter market stalls
  • Absorb panoramic winter views atop Parkowa Mountain
  • Savor Krynica Zdrój’s unique goat cheese pierogi at local restaurants

Weather in Krynica Zdrój in winter

MonthAverage High TemperatureAverage Low Temperature
November6°C (43°F)-1°C (30°F)
December1°C (34°F)-5°C (23°F)
January0°C (32°F)-7°C (19°F)
February2°C (36°F)-6°C (21°F)
March7°C (45°F)-2°C (28°F)

13. Toruń

Aerial view of Torun city with Vistula river in Poland

Skip the ordinary and head to Toruń this winter; a city in Northern Poland that’s famous for being home of Copernicus, the famous scientist.

As dusk arrives early, Toruń’s illuminated skyline, showcasing untouched Gothic architecture, comes to life.

The city’s appeal extends beyond its glowing streets.

Make time for indoor must-dos like the Old Town Hall Tower and Torun Castle.

Step back in time at the House of Nicolas Copernicus Museum, or try your hand at baking cookies in the Gingerbread Museum – as well as the fabled scientist, Toruń is also famous for its gingerbread biscuits!

With a history untouched by the ravages of World War II, Toruń offers a genuine step back in time amid modern comforts.

Things to do in Toruń in winter

  • Marvel at the illuminated Gothic architecture during early winter evenings
  • Visit the House of Nicolas Copernicus Museum and delve into the history of astronomy
  • Bake your own cookies at the Gingerbread Museum
  • Explore the surviving historical relics at Torun Castle
  • Savor freshly baked Toruń gingerbread, a city specialty

Weather in Toruń in winter

MonthAverage High TemperatureAverage Low Temperature
November6°C (43°F)1°C (34°F)
December2°C (36°F)-2°C (28°F)
January1°C (34°F)-4°C (25°F)
February3°C (37°F)-4°C (25°F)
March8°C (46°F)-1°C (30°F)

14. Świętokrzyskie Mountains

Discover why Świętokrzyskie Mountains stand out, even among Europe’s ancient peaks.

Here, geology turns into an art form—rock formations and unique land structures provide a visual feast for nature aficionados.

Don your boots or hop on a snow scooter; winter trails here are calling your name. The season transforms the mountains into a panoramic wonderland, drawing both first-time visitors and loyal fans.

Add the Raj Cave to your itinerary for an awe-inspiring subterranean journey. Venture into the multimedia Neanderthal Centre to get a glimpse of prehistoric life. Trace the area’s storied past through crumbling castles, enigmatic statues, and thought-provoking museums.

Whether you’re a history buff or an adrenaline junkie, Świętokrzyskie Mountains offer a winter experience you won’t easily forget.

Things to do in Świętokrzyskie Mountains in winter

  • Navigate the snow-covered trails on snow scooters
  • Discover the geological wonders of Raj Cave
  • Hike to ancient ruins and explore the region’s castles and religious objects
  • Visit the Neanderthal Centre for an immersive multimedia experience
  • Take a winter hike through scenic routes rich in history

Weather in Świętokrzyskie Mountains in winter

MonthAverage High TemperatureAverage Low Temperature
November4°C (39°F)-3°C (27°F)
December-1°C (30°F)-6°C (21°F)
January-2°C (28°F)-8°C (18°F)
February0°C (32°F)-7°C (19°F)
March5°C (41°F)-4°C (25°F)

15. Poznań

Colorful renaissance facades on the central market square in Poznan, Poland

Poznań is, without a  doubt, one of the most charming cities in Poland.

It has countless activities for people visiting in winter, including ice skating, ice dipping, sauna, thermal baths and sledging on Morasko Hill. 

Also, don’t miss visiting Poznań Town Hall.

If you go there at noon, you’ll see the unique clock mechanism with two mechanical goats. At noon, they butt heads!

Things to do in Poznań in winter

  • Ice skate at Poznań’s public ice rinks
  • Witness the mechanical goats butt heads at Poznań Town Hall at noon
  • Thrill-seekers can go sledging on Morasko Hill
  • Experience the contrasting temperatures of ice dipping followed by a sauna
  • Relish Poznań’s winter-only dessert, rogal świętomarciński, a type of croissant filled with white poppy seeds, almonds, and other nuts

Weather in Poznań in winter

MonthAverage High TemperatureAverage Low TemperatureDays of Rain/Snow
November7°C (45°F)1°C (34°F)6 days
December3°C (37°F)-2°C (28°F)8 days
January2°C (36°F)-4°C (25°F)8 days
February3°C (37°F)-4°C (25°F)5 days
March8°C (46°F)-1°C (30°F)6 days

How to get around Poland in winter

Getting around Poland is easy, with rains, buses, trams and taxis connecting the country.

All big cities are connected by rail, but you probably won’t be able to take a train to the smaller villages.

Buses and trams are also a good way to travel as they access the urban areas.

Regular bus ticket prices start at just 2PLN (€0,44).

If you’re looking to travel by public transport, sites like e-podróżnik or Jak Dojade are useful.

If you want to have the comfort of travelling in a car you could consider renting, taking a taxi or booking a private transfer.

I’ve always used Bolt in Poland and it’s been very simple.

What to pack for Poland in winter

When packing for Poland in winter, keep in mind that the weather can change throughout the day.

It’s a good idea to pack thick and warm clothes and you might want to bring something you can layer easily.

A warm winter coat, gloves, scarf and warm hat are essential.

Pretty young woman wearing warm accessories during winter time. Female having grey warm hat made of light fur and blue scarf.

If you’re planning to spend time walking outside or hiking, don’t forget about good-quality shoes.

Pavements can be really slippery so it’s a choose shoes with anti-slip soles.

If you’ve forgotten anything, don’t worry! Shops in Poland are very well stocked in various things from food to toiletries. The prices are cheap too!

Markets and stores usually operate from 6:00am – 10:00pm during business days.

It might be difficult to find an open shop on Sundays, as Poland is quite a religious country. You might be lucky and find a small convenience store that’s open though!

In Poland, they use type E plug sockets. Consider getting a plug adapter if you need one.

If you’re a student, bring your International Student ID. You can use it to get discounts on entrance fees, food or travel tickets.

What to eat and drink in Poland in winter

Russian, Ukrainian or Polish dish: varenyky, vareniki, pierogi, pyrohy. Dumplings, filled with cottage cheese and served with sour cream. Top view

Polish cuisine involves lots of hearty, traditional meals which often contain cabbage, meat and potatoes.

If you’re visiting Poland, you absolutely must try pierogi.

These are handmade dumplings with savoury fillings like cottage cheese with potatoes or cabbage and mushrooms. You can find them all over the world, but of course, they’re at their best in Poland!

Soups are usually eaten as the first course of the meal. Slurping on one is a fantastic way to warm up from the Polish winter weather.

Żurek is a fermented soup made with sour rye flour, rosół is a clear chicken broth served with noodles and kapuśniak is known as a treasure of mountain regions cabbage soup. There are just a few of all the soups you can try in Polish restaurants.

After a soup, the main dishes include things like kotlet schabowy (breadcrumb-coated pork cutlet) with potatoes, gołąbki (cabbage leaves stuffed with rice and meat) or bigos. Bigos, is a long-simmered meat and sauerkraut stew and is considered a national dish of Poland.

Pot of stuffed cabbage rolls

While many Polish people eat meat, there is a growing vegetarian and vegan scene in the country.

What’s more, a lot of traditional Polish food is naturally vegetarian. 

Moving onto drinks, kompot is a sweet drink made from boiled fruits served hot during winter days.

When it comes to alcoholic beverages, grzaniec is a traditional Polish drink enjoyed in the winter season. It’s very similar to mulled wine.

When speaking of alcohol, you can’t forget vodka. Polish vodka is famous around the world!

Everything you need to know about visiting Poland in winter!

There are so many beautiful destinations to visit in Poland, from national parks with winter hikes to cities with historical buildings.

You can try out adventurous activities like ice skating on frozen lakes, explore the Christmas markets and take in Poland’s many amazing destinations. 

It’s a must-visit place for architecture lovers and adrenalin junkies alike.

Whether you’re exploring the country’s biggest cities or soaring down the ski slopes, you’ll love spending winter in Poland! 

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