10 best reasons to visit Mallorca in November (2023 guide)

Choppy seas on Palma bay, Palma bay, Mallorca, Balearic islands, Spain in February.

When I boarded a plane to Mallorca in November, I wasn’t sure what to expect. 

I’d visited the sun-soaked Balearic Island a couple of times before – once for a party holiday in Magaluf, and once when I was much younger, on a summer holiday with my parents. 

I knew that it had beautiful sandy beaches and its Southern latitude meant that it would be a lot warmer than back home – but what was Novembear really like in Palma and beyond? 

I spent 10 days in Majorca in November, and while the weather was a little temperamental (apparently we were unlucky; locals told us it barely ever rains usually!), I still adored the plethora of attractions and appreciated the chance to get to know the culture on a deeper level without being tempted by days spent soaking in the sun on the coastline. 

So, here are all of my reasons to visit Mallorca in November. 

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Top reasons to visit Mallorca in November

Palma Cathedral in Mallorca

Mallorca in November is when late autumn becomes early winter; it sees the Christmas lights being switched on, and the temperature cools – although it’s still remarkably warmer than most other places in Europe. With that brings lower prices and smaller tourist crowds. 

There are also some more specific reasons to spend November in Mallorca, including birdwatching and festivals! 

I’ve since visited Mallorca again in winter – you can read my full guide, which features all of the best attractions throughout the cooler months, here – but November remains one of my favourite months to spend in the island. 

1. Virtually no crowds

Quiet streets Mallorca November

The calendar turns over to November and a certain serenity descends upon Mallorca.

Gone are the summer crowds (which tend to linger until October, which is when the weather starts to cool).

But while the crowds go, the picturesque cobbled streets, the historic squares of Palma de Majorca, and the breathtaking shoreline remain.

Enjoy unhurried conversations with local artisans in Palma’s bustling Mercat de l’Olivar without jostling elbows with a flurry of tourists or soaking in the intricate architectural beauty of the iconic Palma Cathedral without a sea of selfie sticks blocking your view. 

It might not be beach weather every day, but on sunny days, relax on the sands, perhaps with a Mallorcan-style picnic (think local cheese, crusty bread and olives!) with virtually no other tourists. 

Magaluf’s wildest bars may be closed in November – you’re way out of the party season – but there are plenty of more local spots throughout the island where you can sit outside and enjoy a sangria or San Miguel beer. 

2. Perfect weather for outdoor activities

Landscape of Mallorca in November

November in Mallorca is perfect for getting outdoors.

In the summer season, the weather is a little too strong to hike or explore on two wheels – but when the barometer dips in winter, the climate’s perfect. 

Spain is generally a winter sun destination – and Mallorca (plus it’s neighbouring island, Menorca) is no exception.

In fact, it’s one of the warmest places to visit in Europe in November.

The UNESCO World Heritage-listed Serra de Tramuntana mountain range beckons hiking enthusiasts and cyclists alike.

With well-charted trails snaking through the undulating terrain, these mountains become a delight to explore in the crisp November air.

Fancy something a little more laidback? There’s a flat esplanade leading around 15 km from Palma to S’Arenal along the coastline. 

You can hire a bike and cycle the coastal route or hike it – stopping in various bars as you go (some right by the beach may be closed in November, but we found plenty that were open too). 

Or, do you fancy making a splash in the Med? 

The sea around Mallorca’s certainly cooler in November, but I found it just about bearable for a swim. 

If you’re in town on a particularly sunny day, stand-up paddleboarding’s also a possibility. We noticed lots of rental offices along Platja S’Arenal that were open in late November. 

3. Experience Mallorcan culture

Pollenca in Mallorca

Mallorca is probably best known for its glitzy beaches and stylish hotels, but there’s a local side, too – and November’s the perfect month to enjoy it. 

Head to Sóller, in the north of the island, to appreciate its wonderful cathedral and hear snippets of Catalan language on the streets. 

Or do a walking tour around Pollença and learn about the Siege of Pollença against Barbary Pirates and the village’s Roman origins. 

At wineries in Binissalem, enjoy an unhurried tasting with plenty of opportunities to chat to the owner. 

Or, savour traditional Mallorcan cuisine in a more relaxed setting; warm tumbet or hearty sopes mallorquines are wonderful in the cooler months! 

4. Affordable flights and accommodation

Easyjet plane at Bristol Airport

As soon as November rolls around, the cost of flights and accommodation in Mallorca dip. 

It’s far out of the tourist season on the Balearic Islands, so planes are keen to fill their vessels and hotels want every bedroom occupied. 

So, they attract tourists at much lower prices than in the summer. 

We stayed in Hotel Riu Festival for 10 nights and booked on a half-board basis (breakfast and dinner were included). It cost us £688 (for two people). 

For 10 days in August, the same hotel would cost £1,836 for two people and the room! 

Our flights were about £50 one-way – which means more budget for tapas! 

5. Food and wine festivals

Wine barrels in Mallorca

Mallorca’s culinary scene comes alive in November, one of the main reasons being TaPalma!

This annual food festival turns the capital into a gourmet paradise; with restaurants across Palma participating, you can hop around and try as much tapas as you can physically eat! 

The culinary indulgence doesn’t end at tapas.

With the grape harvest season concluding in October, November sees Mallorca’s vineyards bustling with wine production.

I went to Vins Nadal Winery in Binissalem and loved the full experience of wine tasting and learning about the produce. 

November is also the beginning of the season for olives and mushrooms on the island!

This means that any dish containing them is likely to have the freshest, most delicious ingredients. 

6. Dijous Bo

“Dijous Bo” is known as “Good Thursday”, and it’s a fair so big that it’s often fondly referred to as the ‘Fair of Fairs’.

Situated in Inca, smack-bang in the heart of the island, Dijous Bo brings together every element of Mallorcan culture, from crafts and agriculture to cuisine and entertainment.

Streets throng with lively crowds, music fills the air, and the atmosphere throbs with energy. 

Stalls line the lanes, their tables laden with Mallorcan wares – think handcrafted leather goods from local artisans, farm-fresh produce, and of course, an array of mouthwatering local delicacies.

Live demonstrations, exhibitions, and the infectious buzz of the crowd turn this fair into a sensorial feast.

Just one word of advice – if you see people pelting each other with veggies, don’t be alarmed! It’s all part of the fun with the traditional ‘vegetable fight’ being a quirky highlight of this cultural fiesta.

7. Bird watching

In November, the Natural Park of S’Albufera maintains its appeal – even though the usual migration season ends in October.

In November, you’ll discover the western swamphen, also known by the rather impressive Latin name, Porphyrio porphyrio.

The swamphen, one of the most dramatic of European rails, struts about flaunting its vibrant plumage. 

Also, look out for Grus grus.

This majestic bird graces the skies, creating an impressive silhouette against the backdrop of the park.

Bring your binoculars, a good dose of patience and a keen eye.

You never know when the Grus grus decides to make its guest appearance!

8. Spa and wellness

November in Mallorca has a bit of a reputation for being unpredictable, weather-wise.

We experienced clear skies and sunshine when we first flew out – but the weather soon changed, with a fair few rainy days (we were told that this was unseasonable, however!). 

But one of the perfect things to do on a rainy day is to head to a spa. 

Hammam Al Ándalus should be right at the top of your list.

Based on the hammams in the Southern Spanish region of Andalusia, at this spa Andalusian traditions meet modern relaxation techniques.

The decor is a mix of ornate carvings and luxurious lounges, and the scent of essential oils fills the air.

9. All-weather Attractions

Don’t fancy the spa, or are you victim to more than one rainy day?

Palma, the capital of Mallorca, is an underrated winter city break with plenty to do.

For starters, grab your raincoat and visit the Palma de Mallorca Cathedral.

Standing over the city of Palma, this cathedral is a testament to Mallorca’s rich history.

Built on the site of a pre-existing Arab mosque, the cathedral, with its stunning stained glass window and imposing Gothic exterior, offers a fascinating insight into the island’s past.

Fancy a fortress? Make a beeline for Bellver Castle.

This round castle, unique among Spanish architecture, boasts an immense view over the city and the bay.

The journey through its chambers and courtyards is a step back in time, with each stone whispering tales of yore.

For the art connoisseurs, there’s no dearth of inspiration.

The Es Baluard Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art holds masterpieces from artists like Picasso, Miró, Magritte, and local Mallorcan artists.

Over at the Pilar and Joan Miró Foundation, you get a ringside view of Miró’s creative universe, a treat for any art lover.

10. Start of Christmas

Festive lights in Mallorca, Spain

Spain, with its strong Catholic roots, really knows how to stir up the festive spirit.

And Mallorca is no exception.

As November progresses, the island becomes increasingly festive – most notably with the Christmas lights switch on at the end of the month.

In Palma, there’s a real sense of anticipation in the air as streets and plazas get adorned with twinkling fairy lights.

Christmas markets are also open, with plenty of Mallorcan gifts that make the perfect stocking fillers. 

So if you fancy a Christmas trip that’s fairly cheap and not freezing cold, consider Mallorca in November! 

What’s the weather like in Mallorca in November? 

A bit of bad news for you: officially (along with October), November is Mallorca’s wettest month. And it was wet toward the end of our time there! 

However, I personally spoke to a few locals who said that the rain is usually much heavier in January, and November generally sees more sunshine. 

Temperature-wise, it remains mild – we had sunny weather and were sitting outside with a glass of sangria at the beginning of our trip! 

It’s far from the coldest month – January – which has highs of 15°C and lows of 7°C. 

High temperature19°C (66°F)
Low temperature11°C (52°F)
Days of rain6
Average sea temperature20°C (68°F)

What to pack for Mallorca in November

Packing for Mallorca in November requires a mix of light and warm clothing.

Daytime temperatures are generally mild, so pack your favourite short-sleeved tops, along with a couple of light sweaters or cardigans for cooler evenings.

You’ll need a sturdy pair of walking shoes for outdoor activities and comfortable footwear for city strolls (although I lived in my Birkenstocks!).

Don’t forget your swimming costume if you fancy a bracing dip in the Med! Some hotels also have indoor pools.

A light waterproof jacket could prove useful.

Remember your sun cream, even in November; the Mediterranean sun can still pack a punch.

Fancy dining out? Pack a smart-casual outfit for those unexpected evening adventures.

And lastly, if you’re planning to participate in any of the wine or food festivals, don’t forget to leave a little room in your suitcase for any tasty mementoes you might want to bring home.

Best things to do in Mallorca in November

Port de Soller in Mallorca
  1. Hike through the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range.
  2. Go cycling.
  3. Stroll through the charming town square in Sóller.
  4. Visit the traditional Bodega José L. Ferrer for wine tasting.
  5. Dine at Sa Fonda in Deià for a local culinary experience.
  6. Attend the TaPalma Tapas Festival.
  7. Participate in the ‘Dijous Bo’ festival in Inca.
  8. Enjoy bird watching at the Natural Park of s’Albufera.
  9. Indulge in a spa day at Hammam Al Ándalus.
  10. Visit the Palma Cathedral and marvel at its architecture.
  11. Explore the historic Bellver Castle.
  12. Wander through the Royal Palace of La Almudaina.
  13. Visit the Es Baluard Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art.
  14. Explore the artwork at the Pilar and Joan Miró Foundation.
  15. Enjoy stand-up paddleboarding along the coast.
  16. Brave a sea swim in the Mediterranean.
  17. Witness the Christmas lights switch on in Palma.
  18. Visit the Sineu Market, one of the oldest open-air markets on the island.
  19. Take a scenic drive through the mountainous landscapes of the west coast.
  20. Try traditional Mallorcan dishes like tumbet and sopes mallorquines.

Where to stay in Mallorca in November

I bagged a deal at Hotel Riu Festival, booking with TUI. 

It included half-board accommodation and the room was large and spacious. 

There was also a pool – which was open in November! 

You can check out the hotel here. 

Some of my friends stayed at Melia Palma Bay.

Featuring a rooftop terrace with sea views, outdoor pool and a fitness center, it has rooms with Scandinavian-style décor, satellite TV, and free toiletries.

Click here to read more about it. 

FAQs about Mallorca in November

Toasting to a clear sky in Mallorca in November

Is November a good time to go to Mallorca?

November in Mallorca can be a quieter time with fewer tourists. The weather is mild but can be unpredictable, with some rainy days. It’s a good time for exploring the island and enjoying indoor attractions, but outdoor activities and beach time may be limited.

Is Mallorca warm in November?

In November, Mallorca experiences mild temperatures. The average high ranges from 17 to 20 degrees Celsius (63 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit), while the average low hovers between 9 and 13 degrees Celsius (48 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit). It’s generally cooler than summer months but still pleasant.

Can I swim in Mallorca in November?

Swimming in Mallorca in November is chilly, but it’s not impossible to swim – I went for a dip and found it comparable to the UK water in the summer – it’s definitely a lot warmer than the UK in November!

Is Mallorca sunny in November?

November in Mallorca experiences a mix of sunny and cloudy days. While there are still periods of sunshine, it’s not as consistently sunny as in the summer months. Be prepared for a mix of sunny intervals, clouds, and occasional rainfall during this time.

Are places open in Majorca in November?

In November, Majorca experiences the beginning of its off-season period. While some tourist attractions, restaurants, and shops remain open, it’s common for some establishments to reduce their hours or temporarily close. The availability of services and attractions may be more limited compared to the peak tourist season.

What is Palma like in November?

Palma, the capital of Mallorca, is quieter in November compared to the bustling summer months. The city retains its charm with beautiful architecture, historical sites, and cultural events. While some tourist activities might have reduced availability, it’s a great time to explore the city’s attractions without the crowds.

What is the cheapest month in Mallorca?

January is typically the cheapest month to visit Mallorca. It falls within the off-season, and tourist demand is significantly lower. Accommodation and flight prices are generally more affordable during this period. However, some tourist services and attractions may have reduced availability.

Does Mallorca have an off-season?

Yes, Mallorca has an off-season, which typically spans from November to March. During this period, tourist activity decreases, and many businesses reduce their operations. It’s a quieter time on the island, with fewer tourists and a more relaxed atmosphere. However, some services and attractions may have limited availability.

How hot are the Balearic Islands in November?

In November, the Balearic Islands, including Mallorca, experience mild temperatures. The average high temperatures range from 17 to 20 degrees Celsius (63 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit), while the average lows range from 9 to 13 degrees Celsius (48 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit). It’s generally cooler than the summer months but still pleasant for outdoor activities.

Are you ready for Mallorca in November? 

Sunset in Mallorca in November

Mallorca’s a major tourist destination in the summer, and while it’s not one of the hottest months of the year, there’s still plenty to enjoy here. 

In fact, in the cooler months, Mallorca becomes more local-feeling – so you can enjoy the essence of the Balearics, without all the crowds. 

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