8 incredible reasons to visit Malaga in February

Historic buildings in Malaga city centre.

Are you looking for the main reasons to visit Malaga in February? Here are eight reasons to put it on your winter break bucket list!

Malaga’s much more than a boring airport city in Southern Spain’s Costa del Sol.

One of the best spots for winter breaks in Spain, the city basks in over 300 sunny days per year, excellent-value accommodation and local food, there’s a tonne on offer in Malaga throughout the cooler months.

If you’ve been thinking about a break in the sun, while sipping sangria on the beach, Malaga has tonnes to offer!

If you’re visiting Malaga in February, you’ll likely still enjoy lovely sunny, warm weather and plenty of culture!

I live right next to Malaga and have visited in winter – here are my top reasons to visit Malaga in February. 

Reasons to visit Malaga in February

Malaga in February offers wonderful sunny weather, plenty of delicious food and wine, beautiful Moorish architecture, relaxing spa culture and wonderful beaches.

It’s a bit chilly to swim in the sea, but you’ll be able to comfortably enjoy the old town and coastline!

It’s Still Sunny and Warm

The average temperatures for the month of February in Malaga are between 10°C and 18°C (50°F to 64°F). 

While that may seem quite low, it’s actually pretty warm in the sun!

If you’re sitting down to enjoy a glass of wine on a sunny terrace, you’ll certainly feel the warmth.

You won’t be able to feel this in many other winter sun destinations in Southern Europe!

The sun comes out early in the morning and sets at around 6.30 pm. The days are long, with plenty of sunshine and averaging nearly 11 daylight hours. 

You certainly can’t beat that! 

Just don’t get carried away when packing though – while the day temperatures are very pleasant, the mornings and evenings are still pretty cold, so make sure to bring some warmer clothing too.

That said, it very rarely drops below 10°C, and it barely ever snows.

There’s Almost Zero Tourist Activity

View of Alcazaba, a Moorish palace with Roman ruins in the foreground.

February is probably THE month with the lowest tourism activity in Malaga.

While locals still travel down to the coast to do some sightseeing, this is nothing compared to the busy summer months.

The cruise ships that often park in Malaga harbour, unleashing thousands of visitors to the old town, also run on a winter schedule, so you’re less likely to bump into the mass exoduses of people from the ship. 

February is the perfect time to explore what Malaga has to offer.

You could even venture beyond, to one of the other gems of Southern Spain, like Granada, Marbella, Cordoba or even Seville – all within an easy reach from Malaga

There are also many beautiful natural spots and sights around Malaga, so it’s an ideal time to do some hiking. 

Unbeatable Value for Flights and Hotels

One of the best advantages of traveling off-season is that you can get the best deals on your flights and hotels.

February often has some of the cheapest flights in and around Europe, and the same goes for hotel options.

One word of warning though – while the hotels are considerably cheaper, some of the resort places tend to close for the winter season, so there may not be as many options available. 

However, the hotels in Malaga don’t shut down for the winter as well. The city also has a very wide range of private apartments for hire, so you’ll very likely find something for your budget. 

No Crowds at the Major Sights

One of the most annoying things about traveling to bigger cities is usually the crowds.

Luckily in February in Malaga, you won’t have that problem – you can enjoy exploring the main sights with virtually no crowds and no lines to get tickets.

If you’re into photography, you can take some amazing photos without any other tourists being captured in them. 

February is the perfect time to visit to see the Alcazaba in all of its glory – and it’s better even if you can make it there first thing in the morning. 

If you want to venture beyond Malaga, visiting in February will give you the chance to see some of the notoriously overcrowded cities in Andalucia.

For example, you can easily travel from Malaga to Granada by train and see the famous Alhambra, Generalife Gardens and the old town of Albaicin. 

Low Chance of Rain

Gardens in the Alcazaba, with pillars around the side of a bush complex and palm trees in the background.

On average, Malaga only has around four rainy days per month in February.

But even if you do encounter a wet day, they are nothing like you might experience in other parts of Europe.

The rainy days in Malaga are temperamental, coming and going within a few hours.

You can have a downpour for an hour in the morning and enjoy the rest of the day in blissful sunshine, forgetting that there was any rain in the morning!

So even if the forecast for your trip says rain, don’t worry about it too much.

The clouds will clear faster than you can finish your churros with hot chocolate!

If you do get caught on some of the rainy days, Malaga boasts plenty of museums, like the famous Picasso Museum and the Museo de Málaga, that will keep you dry and occupied. 

You can check out all of the best things to do in Malaga in winter here.

More Space on the Beach

Now, I’m not suggesting that you should get your bikini out and prepare to roast on the beach.

While there are plenty of people who still do that, it is far too cold for sunbathing, and only the hardiest of travelers to Malaga attempt swimming in the sea.

(Editor’s note: I went swimming in the Mediterranean Sea when I was visiting Malaga for New Year’s, but it was chilly and I only went in for a dip for a few minutes!)

Instead, I would suggest a morning breakfast picnic spread on the beach to watch the sunrise, or catch the golden hour and watch the sun glide behind the horizon while you pour yourself a glass of sparkling wine. 

I think that beats sunbathing!

It’s only 20 Minutes from the Airport to the City

While this benefit is all year round, it’s something that’s worth mentioning, especially if you want to consider Malaga for a short city break. 

You won’t need to worry about spending an hour in the car driving into the city. In fact, you don’t have to drive at all!

Malaga airport is well connected to the city with a local train network, so you can get to the center of the city in around 15 minutes by train. 

Malaga airport connects to lots of destinations around Europe, including most major capitals, cities throughout Spain and lots of cities in the UK.

There are a range of events in Malaga in February

Another reason to visit Malaga in February is the huge variety of events!

The main one is Andalusia Day on the 28th of February, when the city has a pulsating atmosphere and you can enjoy free entry to the museums in the city.

It is also a national bank holiday, but most of the restaurants and local establishments remain open as usual. 

The carnival which starts on the 25th and continues until 6th of March also draws lots of crowds. There’s a colourful parade that spans through the center of the city, with people dressed in vibrant colours playing jolly Andalucian music.

Why not celebrate St Valentine’s Day in February with a romantic meal for two, overlooking the city? The best rooftop restaurants in Malaga include La Terraza De Valeria and the roof terrace of Mariposa Hotel.

10 Things to Do in Malaga in February

Before you book your tickets, here are some of the best things to do in Malaga in February!

  1. Visit the world-famous Pablo Picasso Museum and his native house in Malaga
  2. Enjoy a tapas tour of the old town
  3. Visit Centre Pompidou near Muelle Uno
  4. Wander through the streets of the old town
  5. Do some souvenir shopping at Calle Larios
  6. Enjoy churros and hot chocolate for breakfast
  7. Do a history tour of the Alcazaba
  8. Taste wine made in the Malaga region
  9. Enjoy a beachside lunch at a local Chiringuito
  10. Explore beyond Malaga and visit day trip destinations like Granada, Benalmadena, Marbella or Caminito del Rey

Are you ready to visit Malaga in February?

Sign indicating to the Roman Theatre in Malaga. There are trees in the background and the sky is a bright blue.

Are you dreaming about stretching out on the beautiful Costa del Sol sands, exploring the weaving lanes of the old city and learning about the city’s Moorish past?

There’s so much on offer in Malaga in February, it’s the perfect winter city break for anyone looking for a slice of sunshine in the south of Spain!

Lucia is a Slovak expat living in Southern Spain. On her blog Viva la Vita she shares her discoveries about beautiful locations, hidden gems and authentic experiences from Costa del Sol and beyond. 

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