12 reasons to visit London in March (2023 guide)

Celebrating Mother's Day on a day trip to Windsor

As winter slowly thaws, London in March begins to bloom. 

The winter season officially lasts until the 21st of the month, and we definitely experience cooler weather as the city holds onto the last clutches of the winter season. 

But Mach can still see some brisk, sunny weather – and at the by of the month, temperatures can rise significantly. 

This is a season of change in London – the days get longer and people start to get out and about a little more! 

I grew up in London and have spent many a March relishing in its longer days and enjoying its celebrations. 

So, if you’re in the city during this month, here’s what to expect!

Reasons to visit London in March

If you’re visiting England in winter or early spring, chances are you’ll pass through London. Here are all of my top reasons to not forfeit the British capital in March, from longer days to fantastic events that take place in this month only.

Longer daylight hours

Longer daylight hours in March in London

In March, London experiences increased daylight hours.

The city is not shrouded in darkness as early as in December and other winter months, which gives you more time to enjoy outdoor activities and see the sights!

Major attractions, such as the Tower of London or Buckingham Palace, bask in light for longer. Some attractions also have longer opening hours to reflect that there’s daylight for longer. 

The change in daylight hours also influences the city’s whole vibe.

The later sunsets and longer afternoons subtly shift the rhythm of London’s hustle and bustle. Streets and parks stay active for longer, and the city generally seems more awake. 

These hours serve as extra time for tourists to experience the city, and to really get under the skin of what makes London tick.

And who wouldn’t appreciate some bonus hours in their day, especially in a city with as much to offer as London?

St Patrick’s Day

In March, a special day fills London with a festive spirit – and a dash of green!

St Patrick’s Day is celebrated with much enthusiasm in London due to the city’s sizable Irish population and the UK’s close ties with its neighbour.

The celebration is not confined to the Irish or those with Irish heritage – everyone in London seems to catch the St Patrick’s Day fever.

As the day approaches, green decorations start popping up in the most unexpected corners of the city, from pubs and restaurants to shops and streets.

On St Patrick’s Day itself, a sense of camaraderie blankets the city.

Irish pubs across London become focal points of celebration.

Even if Guinness isn’t your tipple of choice, the infectious cheer and the hearty renditions of traditional Irish songs might just compel you to join in.

Head to Trafalgar Square for a St Patrick’s Day parade through Central London.

Floats, dancers, musicians – the parade is a spectacle of Irish culture.

Mother’s Day

Celebrating Mother's Day on a day trip to Windsor

Unlike many other countries that observe Mother’s Day in May, the UK sets aside the fourth Sunday of Lent for this special day. I always get really confused when I see everyone else celebrating it two months later! 

Across the city, special Mother’s Day offerings are abundant.

From classic English afternoon tea at a posh hotel to an exotic brunch at a trendy eatery, there’s a wide variety of dining experiences to choose from.

If you happen to be visiting the city with your mother or children, why not make the most of this celebration? You can never have too many mother’s days, after all! 

Premier League Games

Football (or soccer, if you’re from the USA!) is basically a religion in England – although that’s not to say we’re any good at it!

The city is home to several prestigious clubs that participate in the Premier League, one of the world’s most-watched football leagues.

In March, the football season is in full swing as matches get to their later, more crucial, stages. Each match holds potential implications for the end-of-season standings.

The city’s stadiums – from Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium to Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge – buzz with anticipation and echo with, let’s say, passionate chants on match days.

If you’re a football fan, it’s worth trying to secure tickets to these games – although you can also catch them on TV screens at London’s myriad sports bars. 

Just a warning – football fans in the UK don’t have the best reputation – we have a term called football hooligans for a reason. 

I’d recommend ensuring you’re sitting in the area for the team you’re supporting – or if you aren’t keeping quiet – and keeping your head down if any rowdiness erupts. 

Spring art gallery exhibitions

The city of London is a hub for art and culture, its world-class galleries standing testament.

As winter becomes spring, these galleries often refresh their exhibits. 

In March, you can expect to see a host of new exhibitions across the city’s galleries, from the globally-renowned institutions such as the Tate Modern and the National Gallery, to smaller, independent galleries scattered across the city’s districts.

Oxford vs Cambridge boat race

March in London offers a unique sporting event – The Oxford vs Cambridge Boat Race.

This historic rowing competition between the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge is a tradition stretching back to the 19th century.

Set on the River Thames, the race is a fierce contest of strength, skill, and teamwork.

Each team manoeuvres their eight-oared boat along the 4.2-mile course, which stretches from Putney to Mortlake.

It’s a test of endurance and strategy as the rowers battle the river’s currents and each other.

Londoners line the riverbanks to witness this sporting rivalry.

The atmosphere is charged with excitement and friendly competition.

It’s an event that truly brings the city together, with people cheering on the teams, enjoying picnics, and soaking up the race-day atmosphere.

Budget travel

Enjoying a budget fish and chips in London in March

Every savvy traveller understands the delicate art of balancing a budget without compromising on the experience – and London in March offers the best of both worlds. 

The month is in what is often termed the ‘shoulder season’ for travel; the sweet spot between the winter lull, which runs from November to February, and the summer rush which starts in May.

During this period, airlines and hotels are keen to fill up their vacancies and, as such, tend to offer better prices.

A flight to London in March could be substantially cheaper compared to the peak summer months. This could mean saving hundreds, if not thousands, depending on where you’re flying from. And a cheaper flight could mean more budget for exploring the city!

Accommodation rates also typically drop during this period. Whether you’re looking at a stay in a luxury hotel overlooking the Thames, a cosy bed and breakfast in a charming London borough, or even a short-term rental apartment, you could find better deals in March.

And do you want to know a secret? The cost savings don’t come at the expense of the London experience.

The city’s landmarks, museums, restaurants, and theatres don’t pack up and leave in March. In fact, they stay open throughout winter.

It’s never too busy

Streets of London in March

As March is in London’s shoulder season, it is comfortably on the calmer side of the tourist influx curve.

Famous landmarks like the Tower of London or the British Museum see shorter queues.

The footfall in popular markets like Borough Market or Portobello Road is less frenzied.

Generally, it’s a much more relaxed place to explore and enjoy!

But it can also be mild

But, while visiting London in January or February usually means no crowds, but chilly weather, March is when it begins to turn around. 

The biting cold of the winter months begins to thaw, replaced by milder temperatures.

It’s the kind of weather that invites you to enjoy a leisurely walk along the Thames or explore the scenic neighbourhoods of Notting Hill or Hampstead Heath – without freezing your toes off.

 You can celebrate International Woman’s Day

Celebrating international woman's day at Mamma Mia the party!

Mark your calendars for March 8th because International Women’s Day in London is an occasion you won’t want to miss!

Across the city, you’ll find a diverse array of activities spotlighting women’s triumphs and advocating for gender equality.

Start your day with a visit to the Southbank Centre, known for hosting the Women of the World Festival around this time.

There, you can engage in inspirational discussions, workshops, and performances.

Then, head over to the Museum of London, which often has special exhibits on the day.

In the evening, book yourself a ticket to one of the West End theatres.

Many often stage powerful plays written by and starring women, in honour of this special day.

This article is based on 2023, but take a look at the best plays to see for International Woman’s Day here!

Experiencing these stories can leave you with a profound sense of admiration for the talent and resilience of women in the arts.

Enjoy the change of season

Changing seasons in London in March.

There’s a certain magic to London in March.

The final vestiges of winter are gradually replaced by hints of spring, and this seasonal transition brings infectious excitement to the city.

You can catch the essence of this in one of London’s bustling markets, such as Borough Market or Covent Garden.

Here, the changing seasons are evident in the produce on display.

Winter root vegetables make way for the vibrant colours of spring greens, and stallholders brighten their offerings in response to the longer, sunnier days.

You’ll also see the change of seasons in visit Kew Gardens (famous for the Kew Orchid Festival) or the Royal Botanic Gardens.

The early blooming flowers, like snowdrops and daffodils, begin to punctuate the landscape, signifying the arrival of spring.

Enjoy a leisurely walk, breathing in the subtly changing scents of the gardens as they awaken from their winter slumber.

And don’t miss the city’s countless street-side cafes, where locals and tourists alike revel in the possibility of outdoor seating without the need for heavy coats or heaters – it’s the simple things, eh! 

Celebrate Easter in London

In those years when Easter falls in March, Londoners celebrate the occasion with a host of events.

Begin your Easter experience at the majestic St. Paul’s Cathedral or Westminster Abbey.

Special church services, featuring traditional hymns and readings, imbue these historic buildings with a profound sense of spirituality.

For a fun-filled family day out, head to Kensington Gardens where organised Easter egg hunts often take place.

London’s culinary scene also gets into the festive spirit.

Themed food and drink pop up in eateries around the city.

Indulge in an Easter-themed afternoon tea at The Ritz, where traditional scones and sandwiches are accompanied by seasonal sweet treats.

Or, try the special Easter menu at Rules in Covent Garden.

What’s the weather like in London in March? 

London in March can be quite an unpredictable blend of winter chill and spring’s mildness.

The city shakes off its winter coat and starts to warm up, and generally the weather’s more settled than in November – although you can still expect a nip in the air.

Fun fact: There is more of a chance of snow in England in March than December, so there could always be a cold snap!

The days grow longer and you’re likely to encounter more sunshine, a welcome change from the shorter, darker winter days.

There’s often rain too – this is London after all! 

Days of Rain10-12
Average High Temperature12°C
Average Low Temperature5°C
Chance of SnowLow – but not zero

What to pack for March in London

It's jumper weather in London in March!

Packing for London in March requires a bit of versatility due to the city’s fluctuating weather.

Start with a good-quality, waterproof coat or jacket. London can be rainy, and having a reliable outer layer will keep you dry during those unexpected showers.

Layering is key. Pack a variety of tops, such as light sweaters and long-sleeve shirts, which you can wear under your coat and easily add or remove depending on the temperature.

A couple of heavier jumpers may also come in handy on chillier days!

A sturdy pair of comfortable shoes is essential.

London is a city best explored on foot, and comfort should be your top priority. If they’re waterproof, that’s even better.

Don’t forget an umbrella. Small, collapsible ones are easy to carry in your daypack and can save the day when the skies open up.

Lastly, as the days begin to lengthen, you might find sunglasses useful. It’s also worth packing a light scarf and gloves, just in case the temperature drops.

Remember, London’s weather can be unpredictable in March, so prepare for all possibilities!

Things to do in London in March

Exploring London in March
  1. Visit the British Museum, where you can explore thousands of years of history.
  2. Stroll along the South Bank of the River Thames, taking in iconic sights like the London Eye and Shakespeare’s Globe.
  3. Attend International Women’s Day events held at various locations across the city.
  4. Experience the Changing the Guard ceremony at Buckingham Palace.
  5. Enjoy early spring blooms in Kew Gardens (check out the Kew Orchid Festival) or the Royal Botanic Gardens.
  6. Explore the vibrant food scene at Borough Market.
  7. Witness the grandeur of the Tower of London and the Crown Jewels.
  8. Take a boat trip along the Thames from Westminster to Greenwich.
  9. Catch a West End show, London’s theatre district is world-renowned.
  10. Visit the Victoria and Albert Museum, the world’s largest museum of applied and decorative arts and design.
  11. Take part in Easter celebrations, if Easter falls in March, such as egg hunts in Kensington Gardens.
  12. Enjoy a traditional afternoon tea, perhaps an Easter-themed one.
  13. Visit the Natural History Museum, perfect for both adults and kids.
  14. Walk around Covent Garden, known for its shops, street performers, and dining.
  15. Explore Harry Potter filming locations, like Platform 9 ¾ at King’s Cross Station.
  16. Browse the famous Harrods department store.
  17. Experience the unique atmosphere of Camden Market.
  18. Visit the Churchill War Rooms and the Imperial War Museum.
  19. Enjoy the city’s parks, like Hyde Park or Regent’s Park, especially with the increased daylight hours.
  20. Take a day trip to nearby locations such as Oxford or Stratford-upon-Avon.

London in March FAQs

Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions about visiting London in March.

Is it a good time to visit London in March?

Absolutely, March is a wonderful time to visit London. The city starts to shake off the winter chill and daylight hours increase, providing more time to explore. From International Women’s Day celebrations to potential Easter events, there’s plenty to see and do in London in March.

Is it cold in London in March?

While it’s not as cold as the peak winter months, March in London can still be a bit nippy. Average high temperatures are typically around 12°C, while lows can drop to about 5°C. It’s a transition month, with winter chill giving way to spring’s milder weather.

What is London like in March?

March in London is a blend of winter’s end and the anticipation of spring. As daylight hours increase, the city’s vibe subtly shifts. Streets and parks stay active for longer, and there’s a distinct energy as Londoners look forward to warmer days. Additionally, events like International Women’s Day and potentially Easter add to the city’s charm.

Is London expensive in March?

London can be pricy, but it doesn’t significantly change in March. However, travel and accommodation costs are sometimes lower due to it being out of the main season. It’s always wise to budget for your trip and look for ways to save, such as taking advantage of London’s many free museums and attractions.

How should I dress in London in March?

In March, London weather can be quite variable, so layers are key.

Pack a good-quality, waterproof coat or jacket, comfortable walking shoes, and a variety of tops for layering. You might also find gloves, a light scarf, and an umbrella useful. And as the days grow longer, don’t forget your sunglasses!

Does it rain a lot in London in March?

March does see its share of rainy days in London, with averages typically between 10-12 days of rain for the month.

An umbrella or raincoat is a good idea when you’re out and about exploring the city. Despite the chance of rain, there’s also a good amount of sunshine, as the city begins to welcome spring.

Are you ready to visit London in March? 

View of London's iconic buildings.

With the average temperature increasing and a real feeling of spring in the air, London in March is a great idea! 

You might be lucky and enjoy glorious sunny weather – or there’s always a chance of showers and even snow – but London thrives in all seasons, and March is no exception. 

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