Things to do in Kas in Winter: South Turkey in off-season!

View from the bird's eye of the Kas city, district of Antalya Province of Turkey, Asia. Colorful spring panorama of small Mediterranean yachting and tourist town.

Are you looking for things to do in Kas in winter? Read on – we’ve detailed all you need to know!

Located on the tip of the Lycian peninsula in Turkey, Kas is a gorgeous little seaside town.

Thanks to its perfectly blue waters, range of activities and day trips and incredible scenery, it’s a very popular place to visit in the summertime.

But what about Kas in winter? Is this little resort town worth it in the cooler months? Read on, and I’ll divulge all!

What’s Kas like in winter? 

Private yachts anchored in Kaş marina, Antalya / Turkey

To be completely honest, Kas is a very seasonal destination. While it offers lots of opportunities to enjoy winter sun, it’s incredibly quiet in the off-season.

Unlike other Turkish locations like Istanbul and Cappadocia, many of Kas’s attractions, restaurants and even hotels close in the winter months. 

However, that’s not to say that it’s not worth visiting! If you head to Kas during the off-season, you might not be able to take all of the boat trips, but you’ll still be able to enjoy the beautiful town and engage in local culture – probably even more so when all of the tourists aren’t around.

Weather in Kas in winter

Kas’s weather in the winter is a bit of a mixed bag. 

  • Kas in November: This is the warmest month in this part of the year. The average high temperature is around 17°C/ 62.6°F.
  • Kas in December: The temperatures range between 15°C/ 59°F and 
  • Kas in January: This is the wettest month, with around 158 mm or 6.2 inches of rainfall. Temperatures can reach up to 15°C/ 59°F during the daytime.
  • Kas in February: February is also quite cool, with temperatures usually hovering around 11°C/ 51.8°F, although it can sometimes get warmer.
  • Kas in March: March is the driest month in this part of the year, and as temperatures start rising to around 19.0°C/ 66.2°F.

Things to do in Kas in winter

Hang out at the harbour

The harbour at Kas or Kash on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey

Kas’s harbour is part of the reason why it’s got such a great name for itself. With boats gently bobbing on the turquoise Mediterranean waters and a great holiday atmosphere, this is an incredibly relaxing place to walk around or just sit in and watch the world go by.

In the winter months, it’s a lot quieter than the summertime, which means that you can enjoy a much more peaceful atmosphere! Some restaurants and vendors will be closed, but there’s always somewhere you can get a Turkish chai or coffee, or nibble on a baklava, and take in this glorious Turkish coastal town.

See the Hellenistic Theatre and other ancient attractions

Amazing Town Kas in Antalya, Turkey.

There’s plenty to see in Kas itself; most of the historical attractions are open all year round.

  • The Antiphellos Theatre was used to perform plays during Roman times. It dates back to the 1st century AD and, at its heyday, seated around 4,000 spectators.
  • Close to Antiphellos Theatre you’ll find some Lycian tombs called Akdam Dorik Mezar – you can take the path below the theatre which will lead you to there.
  • There are also some Lycian tombs carved into the hillside!
  • It’s also worth looking out for Kral Mezarı, which is an ancient King’s Tomb hiding underneath a tree on Dogruyol Street!

Of course, you can just hike part of the Lycian Way and head back to Kas. One of the easiest sections is Kas to Limanagzi, which is a 5km hike.

Once you reach Limanagzi, you may be able to get a boat back to Kas, or you might need to hike back.

Walk up to the Kas viewpoint

View of the town Kas, Antalya Province, Mediterranean Coast, Turkey. High quality photo

There’s a viewpoint about a half hour walk from Kas centre, where you can get an immense view over the city and the bay. If you have a nice clear day, it’s well worth taking!

You can see the viewpoint from the town itself – just walk up towards it! Alternatively, the trail is available on

Check out the best Kas beaches

Aerial view of Kaputas beach. People enjoying sun and sea at the beautiful turquoise sea and sandy beach in TurkeyAerial view of picturesque sea bay with beautiful Kaputas beach with turquoise water. Summer beach holiday in Turkey resort

You might not be swimming and sunbathing on these beaches in Kas during winter, but it could be warm enough for a picnic! Here are the best beaches around Kas:

  • Little Pebble Beach (Küçük Çakıl Plajı): This beach is a small pebble and shingle cove. It has beach clubs, but these are usually closed in the winter. However, the beach is open, and if you have a nice day you can enjoy sitting in the sun and an al fresco lunch.
  • Big Pebble Beach (Kucuk Cakil beach): About 1km from Kas town, Big Pebble Beach has beautiful crstal clear waters and there are cold water springs close by.
  • Incebogaz Beach: This sheltered beach is located on the peninsula road, and comprises of two beaches, one either side of the road.

Take a boat to Greek Island Meis

As you look over the sea from Kas, you can’t miss Meis Island. This is one of the furthest west Greek Islands, but it’s accessible on a day trip from Kas. In fact, you can see the island as you look out from Kas harbour! 

While most boat trips stop running in the winter months, there is still a ferry to Meis most days. This usually departs around 8 am and returns at 4 pm, leaving you with plenty of time to explore the Greek Island.

Meis Island is called Kastellorizo in Greek, and is a lovely rustic spot, with whitewashed buildings and cobbled streets, and opportunities to take in outstanding views just by summiting up any hill.

Plus, you can also check out Meis’s mosque, which details the fascinating history of this Greek island, and the Castle of the Knights which dates back to the 14th century when the Knights Hospitaller of Rhodes took over the island.

There’s also a small archeological museum and Greece’s only Lycian rock tomb – plenty to keep you busy for a day!

Hike the Lycian Way

Hiking in Turkey. Lycian Way. Backpacker by the sea. The track is completed

The Lycian Way is a 509 km long trail that leads from Fethiye to Antalya, traversing what used to be the ancient region of Lycia.

Dating back centuries before Christ (BC) and eventually being dissolved and overtaken by the Roman Empire, Lycia was characterised by its ancient settlements, many of which have been preserved to this day.

The Lycian Way also takes in some of Turkey’s most enchanting coastline, as it summits high into the mountains (it’s tough, but you’ll enjoy some spectacular views) and down straight towards the beach.

As the weather can be a bit rainy in November and December, it’s recommended to avoid hiking the Lycian Way then. But January – March is a good time to hike; although be prepared to see snow at points over 1000 metres!

Go on a day trip to Demre

Demre is a town about 30-45 minutes from Kas. There are lots of buses available or you can drive if you have a hire car.


Archeological remains of the Lycian rock cut tombs in Myra, Turkey

There are dozens of ancient cities in the Antalya province, but Myra is among the best. 

Its initial origins aren’t known, but it has roots in the Lycian era and was built on again in the Roman era.

There are some incredible Lycian rock tombs here as well, and an enormous ancient theatre, which is one of the oldest in Anatolia.

Myra is definitely a must-visit, no matter the season!

St Nicholas’ Church

Church of St. Nicholas in Turkey, Demre

It’s a little-known fact that Santa Claus actually comes from this area of Turkey!

The saint of St Nicholas used to live in this area, and there is a story about how he saved a group of children from famine; and thus, the legend of Santa Claus was born.

You can visit the church dedicated to him now – there’s not a whole lot to see here, but it’s cool to see where Santa Claus comes from, and there’s some information about the legend!

Personally, I wouldn’t go to Demre just for St Nicholas’ Church, but it’s a nice add on to a trip to Myra (which is a must-do while you’re in the Kas area).

Enjoy Kas’s rich culinary scene

Khychin - traditional flatbreads stuffed with mashed potatoes and greens.
Don’t miss gozleme when you’re in this part of Turkey!

Many of Kas’s restaurants close in the winter season, but quite a few – especially those that cater to locals – stay open in winter.

Here are a few, but there are so many Kas restaurants that you can also walk around and just see what’s open!

  • Natur-el is a popular restaurant serving delicious, fresh food and has a closed indoor area with a fireplace.
  • Old House Cafe and Bar is a popular spot amongst locals and expats.
  • Mavi Bar is also open year-round and is Kas’s favourite rock bar!

Whatever you do, make sure you eat Gozleme, a Turkish pancake stuffed with vegetables, cheese and/ or meat. It’s local to this area, and it’s divine!

See the rest of the ancient ruins

The scenic view of Xanthos, which was a city in ancient Lycia, center of culture and commerce for the Lycians, and for the Persians, Greeks and Romans, near the Xanthos river in Antalya, Turkey

There are so many ancient ruins in this part of Turkey. If you have a car and want to road trip around, here are some you can add to your list:

  • Patara: Close to the town of Gelemiş, Patara was a maritime capital of Lycia. Nowadays, the ruins are quite spread out, so allow plenty of time to see them!
  • Xanthos: Located close to Kınık, you can see the remains of Xanthos, an ancient city. Nowadays, the remains lie on a bank above the Xanthos River.
  • Letoon: This is 4km from Xanthos and was a sanctuary and cult center of Lycia.
  • Arykanda: Close to Aykiriçay, this is another ancient city that was built across five terraces.

Can you swim in Kas in the winter? 

While the Mediterranean Sea looks very appealing year-round, unlike water further south, it’s very chilly in the winter!

In fact, water temperatures can dip to  61°F / 16°C in February.

However, if you are used to cold water swimming elsewhere in Europe, you might find swimming in Kas in the winter mild enough. Just don’t attempt it if you haven’t swum in similar temperatures before!

Can you dive in Kas in winter? 

Picture shows a Dakota C47 Airplane Wreck at Kas, Turkey

Kas has legendary fame as the best diving destination in Turkey. With sunken planes, a plethora of fish and even turtles, there’s loads to see underwater here!

However, diving trips stop in November time and don’t start again until around April. This is partially due to the sea being quite chilly over winter, and also due to there just not being much demand for diving in the winter months. 

People do still dive in Kas in winter, but generally, hobby divers who live in the town. You’ll need some contacts if you want to try to go out diving with them – unfortunately I don’t have any to share this time! 

Are there boat trips in Kas in winter? 

Like diving, boat trips don’t really happen in Kas in the winter months; this is also because there’s a lack of tourists and because many boat trips involve swimming, and the sea is too cold! 

Where to stay in Kas in winter

Some hotels in Kas and the surrounding area shut up shop in winter, but others stay open throughout the cooler season! 

Hideaway Kas

Hideaway Kas is an affordable place to stay in the town centre, with basic but comfy rooms and a large terrace overlooking the sea – and you can enjoy a Turkish breakfast here each morning! Click here for more details.

Mojo Boutique Hotel

With exposed wood panels, comfortable beds and a gorgeous pool area, Mojo Boutique Hotel is an incredible place to stay in Kas, and it’s open throughout the winter. It has large rooms and family suites! Click here to read more.

Gökyüzü Suit Apart

Gökyüzü Suit Apart is a modern apartment with all the mod cons that you’ll need for a comfy stay in the heart of Kas. Apartments have kitchens, so you can cook up food here too! These apartments are ideal for a group or families, as there are apartments to accommodate up to six people. Click here to read more.

How to get to Kas in winter

Antalya, Turkey - October 21, 2020: Large signboard Welcome to Antalya at Airport. Tourists with suitcases in the square outside the Antalya Havalimani on a summer sunny day

The directions to get to Kas in winter are the same as getting to Kas in summer!

Fly into Dalaman or Antalya Airport, which are the two airports closest to Kas. 

If you fly into Antalya, you’ll want to transfer to Antalya city by taxi or tram (the tram is very easy to use). Either stay the night in Antalya, or take the tram all the way to the Otogar, where you can take a bus to Kas. 

The bus from Antalya to Kas takes around three/ four hours. 

Do spend some time in Antalya if you can – there are lots of attractions here, especially in the winter!

Harbor in Antalya old town or Kaleici in Turkey. High quality photo

Antalya is one of the larger cities in Turkey and many more of its attractions stay open throughout the winter. So, if you’re 

The easiest way to reach Kas from Dalaman Airport is to take a taxi which should cost between 900 ₺ – 1.100 ₺.

There is also a twice-daily bus from Dalaman to Kas, which is much more affordable! You will need to take a bus from Dalaman Airport to the city centre.

Other places to visit in Turkey in winter

Hagia Sophia in winter

Turkey is an amazing country, with so many incredible places to visit in both summer and winter. 

My favourites include Istanbul, where most of the attractions are year-round, and Cappadocia, which usually sees snow during the cooler months and is an absolute winter wonderland. 

You could also visit other winter sun destinations in Turkey, like Fethiye, Izmir and Antalya!

Kas is a glorious town, and while some activities aren’t available in the off-season, its beautiful beaches, great food and solitude make it still worth visiting as a beautiful winter sun destination.


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