40 best winter city breaks in Europe (2023/4 guide)


Are you looking for winter city breaks in Europe? When the thermometer dips in Europe, the shutters don’t go down in its cities. Some bask in the warmth of winter sunshine, whereas others come alive with snow and Christmas markets. Dozens are all-weather, with lots of museums and attractions that are perfect for winter. I […]

Does it snow in Malaga, Spain?

Malaga, Spain cityscape at the Cathedral, City Hall and Alcazaba citadel of Malaga.

Does it snow in Malaga? Not really! Malaga’s eye-catching skyline with palm-lined boulevards and sun-kissed beaches doesn’t typically scream “winter wonderland.”  While Malaga might not be your go-to destination for skiing or snowboarding, its mild winters and beautiful coast make it a fantastic choice for a winter escape.  In this guide, we’ll explore what winter’s […]

Does it snow in Lisbon, Portugal?

Christmas tree on Commerce square at twilight in Lisbon, Portugal

Does it snow in Lisbon?  Short answer: not much! Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, is most well-known for its South Europe destination and, subsequently, warm climate! In fact, it’s generally characterised by mild, fairly rainy winters and warm, dry summers.  But snow is not an impossibility, and has happened in the past! I found myself […]

Crete in November: 7 best things to do (2023 guide)

Chania in Crete in November

Are you thinking about visiting Crete in November? I’ve got all the details about why this is actually a great time to visit Crete and how it’s different from other months throughout the year!  Crete’s weather remains pleasant in November, and it’s one of the warmest places in Europe during the fall/winter, so you’ll still […]

Algarve in January: 10 reasons to visit (2024 guide)

Praia da Marinha - Beautiful coast of Portugal, in the south where is the Algarve

The Algarve in January? With mild weather, a stunning coastline and plenty of culture, visiting Portugal’s Algarve in January is a lot more rewarding than you might think! Mainly renowned as a summer destination, there are still plenty of fun things to do in the Algarve in January – and believe it or not, the […]

Does it snow in Barcelona, Spain?

People enjoying the snow on the beach of Barcelona. Snowfalls on the Spanish coast are an infrequent meteorological phenomenon.

Does it snow in Barcelona? Read on to find out! Barcelona’s most famous for its sunshine, architecture and Catalan culture. But as the winter sets in, the city dons a calmer persona, and the question begins to wander into the minds of those planning to visit: “Does it snow in Barcelona?”  It’s a question that […]

7 reasons to visit Barcelona in December (2023 guide)

Christmas Market in Barcelona

Are you planning on visiting Barcelona in December?  Barcelona: it’s known for its vibrant culture, Gaudi-created architecture, and rich Catalan cuisine. But did you know that it’s a fantastic Christmas destination? As December arrives, the festive markets open, welcoming tourists with their unique Catalan traditions. Of course, if you visit Barcelona in December you may […]

Caga Tió: A unique Catalan Christmas tradition

Rows of Caga Tio, the Catalan Pooping Log, at a Christmas market.

There’s a unique Christmas tradition in Catalonia (northeastern Spain): Caga Tió, or the “pooping log.”  At first glance, it looks like a simple Christmas decoration – a wooden log adorned with painted features and a bright red hat. You might see it in Christmas markets in Barcelona and around the region. But there’s actually much […]