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Fjaerland Fjordstove Hotel Review: views of Norway’s fjords

Looking out over fjords

Our minibus carefully navigated hairpin bends as our expert driver, Adrienne, gripped the wheel tightly. The headlights illuminated the snowy and icy roads before us, which were surrounded on either side by evergreen trees that had been tinted white by the snow.  After driving through the city of Sogndal – which is down the mountain […]

6 best Tromsø Sami tours & exploring Sami culture in Norway

Tromsø Sami tours are valuable excursions that’ll educate you about Northern Norway’s indigenous population. I experienced a few of them on my winter trip to Norway, learning about the native Sami people as I went. The Arctic wind howled as the blizzard of snow whipped around us. My toes felt like icicles as I gingerly […]

How to go snowshoeing in Flåm: Norway’s best winter activity

View of the snowy Norway fjords

On a winter trip to Flåm in Norway, we spent a morning hiking up deep snow in the nearby mountains! Here’s my full account of snowshoeing in Flåm, Norway. “I’ve never done snowshoeing before” I declared, as we climbed out of the van on the edge of one of the mountains near Flåm. “Shall I […]

Thon Hotel Tromsø Review: modern hotel in Norway!

If you’re looking for somewhere convenient and comfortable to stay in Tromso city centre, I can highly recommend Thon Hotel Tromsø.  In prime location to enjoy Tromsø’s highlights – the furthest is the Arctic Cathedral, which is a mere 30 minute walk away, along with comfortable, warm rooms and one of the best breakfast buffets […]

7 epic reasons to visit Tromso in February: Norway’s Arctic

Panoramic view of Tromso Norway Scandinavia Europe

“Winter is the greatest time to be alive in Tromsø” my guidebook, which I’d purchased in Raketten Bar (apparently the smallest in the world) while watching the Tromsø reindeer racing championships, informed me.  As I gazed at the snow-covered road, punctuated by the occasional reindeer soaring down the road and pulling its Sami owner on […]

How to visit the Norway fjords in winter (2023 guide)

View of the snowy Norway fjords

Are you dreaming of the Norway fjords in winter? As far as winter destinations go, this postcard-perfect part of the Nordics boasts epic winter activities, charming villages and fascinating history. Here’s a travel guide with all you need to know about visiting the epic fjords in Norway in the winter months! Snow-covered fir trees lined […]

How to see reindeer in Tromsø: sledding to Sami experiences!

Reindeer standing in the snow with a mountain in the background.

“Reindeer are fascinating creatures. Although I have to say that – they’re our lifeblood!” our Sami guide, Per, told us, as we sat around long tables in a fire-heated hut, having devoured a vegetable soup or, for meat eaters, reindeer stew. Virtually any child from the age of two in Europe, the USA and many […]

Tromsø in winter: 27 things to do & top travel tips

birds eye view over Tromso with a dusting of snow

Tromsø in winter means northern lights chasing, layering up in frosty weather, getting cosy in cafes and learning about the city’s fascinating Arctic culture. In this article, you’ll read all of my best tips on exploring the enigmatic capital of the north! As our plane glided into the Arctic Circle, the bird’s eye landscape spread […]

How to see the northern lights in Tromsø, Norway

Girl standing in front of the northern lights in a snowy landscape in Norway, near the border with Finland

“The adventures of seeing the northern lights outdoors is always more enjoyable if you don’t freeze; we don’t need to be Vikings” our guide, Trine, told us, with a humourous ring to her voice, as we bundled out of the minivan, which she’d expertly driven 150 km out of Tromsø in Arctic Norway. Feeling the […]